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Personal Training Update

A couple of weeks ago, I had to get a new trainer after my old trainer left under somewhat abrupt circumstances. Based on a conversation I had with her during our last session, I knew it was just a matter of time and wasn’t surprised at all to receive the phone call she was gone. So, now I’ve had to get a new trainer. The coordinator originally planned to assign me to a male trainer, but I explained to her that while I think male trainers are great, I would feel more comfortable training with another female. She was happy to fulfill that request even though I think it made things more difficult schedule-wise. My new trainer is high-energy and hilarious. I have really enjoyed working with her thus far and I find her more on my wavelength than the last trainer. I also appreciate how involved she is with the sessions. Rather than just standing there waiting for me to finish, she keeps on chatting, doing exercises with me, and joking around. She recently had me RUN for several minutes on the treadmill which is my ultimate nightmare and she stood there next to me telling me all about her day and cracking jokes which made it SO much more bearable. In some ways she reminds me a bit of myself.

It has been hard to adjust going from one trainer to another. I like both girls but the old trainer’s style was different and more strict than the new one. That was useful because I knew someone would be paying attention and would give me a hard time if they saw I hadn’t been in the gym often enough. However, I find I actually look forward to coming to the gym and working with the new trainer. During my first session, I told her I hadn’t been in to the gym for five days because I’d been enjoying my four day holiday weekend. She just said, “Oh psssh, whatever. It was a holiday. Who wants to work out on a holiday?” Also, whereas the previous trainer had gently suggested a couple of times that I might be “looking” to lose as many as 40 pounds, this trainer started me off by saying, “Well, you don’t really need to lose any weight or anything” and was appalled when I told her what my old trainer had suggested. New Trainer clearly didn’t approve of my being given a target weight amount to lose. So that’s kind of been an adjustment in focus for me as before I was thinking I must look really heavy.

The new trainer also seems to have a better sense of humor about life in general. I figured out long ago that a good sense of humor can be essential for both day-to-day life and dealing with real hardship, so I can appreciate that. When you look for the lighthearted or fun side of every day situations, you’ll find hard times can be easier to step back and examine more calmly, because you’ve already had the practice looking at everything else from a different angle. Or at least, this is true for me.

So far I’m still doing well. I felt proud last night when the trainer said, “You were awesome! I couldn’t find your lesson plan so I threw all kinds of crap at you and you took it like a champ.” She’s right – that was probably the hardest workout I’d had but I wouldn’t give up. (The lesson plan thing wasn’t her fault by the way – the gym re-organized the trainers’ office.)

I’m doing *mostly* fine with nutrition although my motivation has completely flagged lately! You know what I can’t avoid all of a sudden? MILK. Real milk! I gave it up nearly two years ago in favor of plant-based milks because dairy doesn’t help my breakouts. I love almond milk, but man, does real milk taste good. I let myself have a cup at my parents’ house a month or two ago and now I help myself to Eric’s 2% all the time. NOM. I can’t help it; I have always loved dairy! I would drink pint after pint of plain white 2% all day if I could.


I Made My Own Chili! and Other Healthful Developments

I rarely cook, because I’m often too disorganized, impatient, and slothful. I’m working on changing all three of these to make life easier, and this week I successfully cooked my own healthful ground turkey chili! It really took no effort at all. Eric helped by chopping some of the veggies, showing me his easy garlic trick (which was simple for me to replicate) and then stirring the turkey and onions while I mixed up the final ingredients. I used a recipe I found at Allrecipes.com to help me figure out how I wanted to make it, but the final product was my own. I put a big pot on the stove, sprayed the bottom with Pam Olive Oil, and then stirred the turkey around till it was browned. Next I dumped in the onion that Eric chopped. I waited too long to use it so it didn’t have a lot of flavor. While Eric stirred the pot, I smashed a can of kidney beans, then mixed it with a can of diced tomatoes. I got out a clove of garlic and Eric showed me how to easily peel the skin off the clove – just put the knife over the clove, then pound on the knife a few times, then lift it up and the skin comes right off … no Slap-Chop required 😉

I minced a couple of those garlic cloves and mixed them in with the mixture and then I threw it all into the pot along with a cut up New Mexico chili pepper (and just a few of the seeds) and two cups of water. I added salt, black pepper, and some chili powder. Then we covered it and let it sit for 30 minutes. When it was done, we tasted it and it was good but needed a tad more flavor. I’m supposed to be keeping the salt very low during the week so I just added a pinch more and that really did it and brought out all the flavor. It was good enough that Eric delayed going to bed to eat a bowl and then I have two more bowls for ready-to-eat meals! Yay, me! I’m looking forward to cooking up some other goodies; lord knows I have tons and tons and TONS of recipes in this place.

Fitness is going well. My latest personal training session involved more of those horrendous camel walks but I did better this time, although I still hated it. I also had to do a bunch of lifts on these machines where you lie with your chest down and then pull up the weight toward you. I came in there again yesterday and worked on the elliptical for a full hour, burning well over 400 calories at a medium pace. I had my earbuds in and was enjoying the music so I thought, why not just keep going! When I got off I went over to the weight machines and did just a few overhead lifts with 10 pound weights and then a bunch of those standing stomach crunches with that machine. I wanted to do more but there were all these buff dudes over there using the machines and I felt intimidated. I know that was stupid because I’m there for the same reason they are and they probably weren’t even paying any attention to me, but I felt really silly. I’d been there long enough anyway so I just left. I’ll come back today after I run some errands. I need to get an iPod shuffle already. I currently use the Pandora app on my iPhone and it’s great, but I can’t clip it to my waistband and so I have to put it away while I do the strength-training portions. That in turn gets rid of a vital distraction and makes me more aware of all the people around me who look and perform much better than I.