Disclaimer of Liability and FTC Disclosure of Material Connections

The following disclaimer and disclosure apply to my blog in its entirety and all reviews or other posts found therein.

Occasionally I will receive a product or service for free in exchange for an honest review on my blog. I am never required to write a positive review in such cases and will never follow any such requirement. You can count on me to always give you my full and unbiased opinion. I will always note those rare cases in which I have received a product for such purposes directly in the review.

One thing I’ve recently started doing more often is reviews of nutrition and fitness products or plans. Sometimes I also review supplements or medicines such as sleep aids. Most of these are things I’ve purchased or tried on my own well in advance of writing the review. I’ll make it clear in the review itself when this is not the case and I’ve been asked to review the product. Either way, you should be aware I am not a medical, nutritional, or fitness professional and do not claim to be. Everything on this blog constitutes my opinion and personal experience, thoughts, or research only and is never to be confused with medical or professional advice of any sort. All of the information I provide is current at the time of my review, but may be outdated by the time you read it, so you should check current information carefully. You should also check with your doctor any time you plan to use such a product or start a new fitness or dietary plan, especially if you have a chronic disease or weakened immune system or are pregnant, nursing, elderly, or under the age of 18, and you should always review the directions for said products carefully and follow them to the letter. Most importantly, you are responsible for your own actions.

I disclaim any liability from any negative results, including but not limited to illness or injury, that may be indirectly or directly related to the use, proper or improper, of any information posted anywhere on this blog or of any products or services mentioned therein. I am also not responsible whatsoever for any web pages I may have linked to on this blog – a link does not constitute my express endorsement or approval. I am also not responsible for any sites or pages that link to this blog, whether I’m aware of such linkage or not.

Got it? Good. Have fun!


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