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So Tired But I Gotta Say …

A while back I mentioned a drink called Dream Water as a possible sleep aid. I listed all of the ingredients in the post, along with Dream Water’s recommendations about its product. My sister did some more research on the contents of the drink, and found information on WebMD that one ingredient in particular (5-HTP, although it’s listed by another name on the Dream Water label) may not be safe. Keep in mind that nothing has been proven, but since no one is sure it’s recommended that you not take this particular ingredient. Please read the information listed below before trying the drink yourself or deciding to continue using it. I want to make sure my readers are taken care of!
Thanks! Now I’m going to go crash because I’m exhausted!

This article explains that 5-HTP is a chemical byproduct of L-tryptophan, the naturally occurring ingredient in turkey, and that it MAY be linked to certain scary diseases:
WebMD: 5-HTP


H Mart (Gaithersburg, MD)

No trip to Cat and Rob’s place is complete without a visit to H Mart, a Korean American grocery store and marketplace chain. H Mart carries tons of imported East Asian goods and food, including live eels, crabs, turtles, and fish (for consumption), and also has a nice selection of Latin American items. Here’s some of the things you can find there.

Some of the ladies hawking chocolates in the store had me sample these, explaining “Japanese chocolate sweeter than American chocolate, but no sugar!” It definitely tastes less sugary. If you like pocky, you will love these – biscuit sticks dipped in huge blobs of chocolate to look like mushrooms.

This stuffed Flying Goomba caught my eye in the imported goods shop at H Mart. Now he angrily waits for us to get back to Super Mario, already!

These are packages of veggie and sweet red bean buns, respectively. You keep them in the freezer, microwave them for about 50 seconds, and you have a delicious, steaming hot mini-meal. The buns are larger than they appear, and you get three per package.
Cafe Bustelo espresso is unbelievably yummy, and it will wake your sleepy behind right up. I like mixing mine with soy milk and a little bit of sugar. Eric’s family drank this when he was growing up. Unlike most of the other items shown here, you can probably also find this one in your local supermarket. (We buy our cans at Giant, in the ethnic foods section.)
Another drink from Eric’s childhood that we enjoy is called Malta Goya, which is probably best described as a super-malty, dark soda. (I’ve found most people do not enjoy the taste of it.) We typically purchase it from the local grocer as well, but at H Mart we found this six pack of “Pony Malta” which is supposed to be the super energizing version. Eric doesn’t like the taste nearly as much, and I think it’s just okay.
I love tea! I picked up a big box of oolong, a “Special Relaxing” herbal infusion with valerian, scullcap, catnip, and chamomile, and a brown rice green tea.
Meltyblend chocolate cubes, which literally melt away in your mouth and are ridiculously yummy. Mmmmmmmmm.
I’ve always loved wasabi peas! This particular brand is very crunchy, but not quite as spicy as I prefer.
Nestle Milo is a chocolate drink mix powder with added vitamins that was originally Australian and is very popular in some Caribbean countries, and probably others. I saw it standing next to some of my favorite European Ovaltine and couldn’t resist giving it a try. It’s more chocolately than European Ovaltine, but not as sweet as American Ovaltine. It is very hard to mix with cold soy milk, but like Ovaltine, there are many different ways to drink it. Maybe I’ll make some hot Milo in a minute. 🙂
This is a cat.


One product I’ve been very interested in lately is Glowelle. I was excited to try a 3-stick sampler pack of their product recently, but disappointed when only one stick was included in the little Glowelle carrying case. And the flavor they sent, pomegranate lychee, tasted like chalk mixed with fruit flavoring, and was just as gritty. I’d really like to try their 30-day pack, but it costs almost 90 bucks. Having had problems with my skin for the past couple of years, I took a look at the ingredients after reading how well other people fared with this product. It seems I can find most of these in basic vitamins or, you know, fruits and vegetables, and of course drinking lots of water every day is always great for your skin. So what’s so different about Glowelle? Nothing that I can tell, other than making it easier (but way more expensive) for me to get some of my vitamins and minerals. My skin is doing much better ever since I all but eliminated dairy from my diet, but some part of me would still like to try the product again.

Beverage Review: MetroMint Water … It’s Really That Good

Let it be known before I begin this review that I am not a fan of bottled water. Most of it tastes like plastic, like bathwater, or – hey! – like unfiltered tap water, which is what I preferred in the good old days when I lived in the country! However, the tap water in the Metropolitan DC area tastes like a mouthful of silt, so bottled water it is for me. I usually throw a flavor packet or two in there first, though. Occasionally, I’ll grab a “flavored water beverage”, but even those are just ehhhh.

Enter the only bottled water that literally makes me dance with excitement when I see it in the store aisle:
Metromint water!

What is Metromint?

It’s only the best bottled water on the face of Planet Earth! I’ve been crowing about it for about two years, and every time a new flavor comes out, I practically do a dorky cartwheel of joy in the middle of the street. (Um, well, I would, if I knew how to do a cartwheel.)

If you ever want to get me a present, and you aren’t sure what to get, I’ll take a carton or two of this joy-inducing elixir, thanks! Actually, maybe it’s not fair to call it an “elixir” because the ingredients in a bottle of spearmint-flavored Metromint are the following:

Purified water, mint.

And that’s it. (Other flavors, with the exception of Peppermint, all contain “essence” as well — e.g., cherry essence, cocoa essence.) But that’s what makes it so GOOD!!! It’s cool, smooth, and refreshing. You can drink it at room temperature and it still feels like a rush of slightly cold air traveling down your throat into your tummy! (Metromint rates each flavor with a “cool factor” number that tells you just how cooling that rush is.) There are days when I grab a bottle of this stuff rather than a caffeinated beverage because it actually makes me feel better AND keep my eyes open. But I take a bottle of it to bed with me, too, because it’s not like it makes my heart race.

So what kinds of flavors does this nectar of the gods come in?


Peppermint – The original. It’s crisp and packs a bit more of a powerful punch than the others, so if you want a ton of mint taste, go for this one.
Spearmint – Very sweet and refreshing. Still lots of mint flavor, but it’s not as “bold” as the peppermint, and it goes down so easy.
Lemonmint – Tangy and very slightly tart. Very nice lemon flavor with smooth mint finish. Interestingly enough, the mint and the lemon flavors taste equally strong to me. I thought one might kick the other’s butt.
Orangemint – Nice and citrusy. The orange tastes absolutely delicious and to me, it appeared to mellow out the mint flavor quite a bit.
Chocolatemint – Just the slightest hint of delightful cocoa flavor. It kind of kisses your taste buds, then vanishes, while the mint flavor dances around it. This is a very mellow mint. It’s wonderful.
Cherrymint – Surprisingly, this might be my favorite Metromint of the moment (and it’s also the newest addition). I’ve found many cherry-flavored beverages to be cloyingly sweet, which is gross to me. (I’m looking at you, 7-Up Plus Cherry.) Cherrymint defies them to win my heart! The mint and the fruit flavor really complement each other quite nicely and are lip-smacking!

I’ll sing the praises of this stuff for as long as Metromint keeps churning it out. You get amazing flavor that refreshes you (and your breath!) without leaving a nasty aftertaste of fake sugar, and there isn’t a single ingredient that’s bad for your body. And, I can’t wait to see what the next flavor will be. (How about grapemint?)

If you’re looking for it, Whole Foods grocery is your best bet on the East Coast (they usually stock all six flavors), but you could also check out Harris Teeter or Safeway (any Safeway, anywhere). Other chains that carry Metromint include Cost Plus, World Market, and Bel Air and Raley’s (for those of you on the West Coast).

Still can’t find it? Order it online at