Et tu, lodging industry?

I recently posted some updates about air industry fees and efforts to get those under control. Today I worked on something that drew my attention to the rise in hotels charging “add-on” fees for what were once basic services, such as air conditioning and housekeeping. The charging of resort fees for basic items, already common in resort towns like Las Vegas, is also becoming more commonplace. A resort fee, if you’re not familiar, is an extra fee automatically tacked on to the advertised hotel rate that is typically said to cover things such as access to the fitness center and/or pool, WiFi in your room, a daily newspaper and a bottle of water, for example. You know, things that one might expect to be included in the room rate. To add insult to injury, in my experience, the resort fees and their related services are often hard or impossible to decline. I think resort fees are complete bunk. For starters, if the fee isn’t going to be optional, then just up the advertised room rate accordingly! Other hotels are moving toward flat-out “a la carte” pricing as well for their services. I personally do not like this idea at all – talk about shady. Thankfully, the more we become aware of such practices, the more we can choose to spend our money elsewhere.

For much more on this subject, get consumer advocate Christopher Elliott’s take here.


One response to “Et tu, lodging industry?

  1. I normally get the “safe” fee removed, as their safes are garbage and they aren’t liable if they get robbed anyway.

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