In a fury over airline fees?

CNN Money has an article out about how air fares are declining – in fact, summer fares are at their lowest in seven years. But what about the current state of airline ancillary FEES? It seems those are increasing! (Check out this slideshow for some data on current airline fees.) I don’t have much hope that this fees trend will stop, as all the mergers in recent years have left the U.S. traveler with fewer choices and the airlines with less competition. But, some relief could be coming eventually, in the form of bills in the House and Senate. (Both are currently in committee / subcommittee.) Read the text of the FAIR Fees Act here, and the less broad Baggage Fee Fairness Act of 2015 here. And here is an opposing opinion at the Wall Street Journal, in which Rafi Mohammed argues that the FAIR Fees Act actually hurts the budget-minded traveler.

Personally speaking, at this point I will take a slightly higher air fare over having to pay more than the difference in fees, just to be able to select my own seat, get a snack, or bring a carry-on! Hey, at least Delta has dropped their touch fee, or in common speak their “talk to a human being” fee. What do you think?


One response to “In a fury over airline fees?

  1. I’m bummed that JetBlue started charging for checked bags 😦

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