Goodbye, Riv

Proving the point that nothing lasts forever in Las Vegas, demolition of the storied Riviera will begin this month. You might recall that I previously shared some information on the secret, never-used rooftop pool at the Riv. I am happy that I took the time out on our trip to trek over there and find it. What a strange and fun story.

Vegas is a place that shifts like the desert sands that surround it, and a place that I’ll admit calls to me frequently! There are so many little secrets to find and explore, so many changes that catch one off-guard. I’m long overdue for a return visit to see what’s new and see things I didn’t see before!

Where can you go to keep up with the latest Vegas changes? I used to visit the absolutely delightful VegasChatter on a daily basis; sadly, that site ceased operation about a year ago. I now check out Vital Vegas.


One response to “Goodbye, Riv

  1. So many neat places in the US of A. Easy to understand the RV community that spends their lives traveling from one to another.

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