Autumn is Coming!

It’s September. The fall season is just a few weeks away … and my husband and I have already pulled out all of our Halloween decorations and started putting them up! As much as I love this season, I can’t help but feel sad looking at the closed swimming pool! I ran into the guy who runs it the other day and tried to convince him to keep it open just one more week! Hey, with these 90 degree temps, it makes sense, right?

The Fall Equinox this year is on Tuesday, September 23. Following our annual family beach week earlier in the month, I plan to get started on my personal fall checklist (which is mostly separate from my Halloween checklist)!

*Continue taking after-dinner walks
*Make crock-pot meals for dinner
*Jump into a big pile of fall leaves
*Carve pumpkins
*Incorporate pumpkin and butternut squash into at least two dinner recipes
*Take a drive to see the fall leaves (already have a Shenandoah getaway booked!)
*Walk through a corn maze
*Drink a pumpkin spice latte (but just one … too many calories etc. in that sucker)
*Finish editing the story I’ve been toiling over for two years, already!
*Go on a hayride
*Make some tasty hot toddies
*Spend more nights curled up with a blanket and a good book and/or movie

Before I get started on any of this, I’m going to the beach!

What’s on your autumn checklist?


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