10 things every traveler should do, by Pico Iyer

I’ve been cleaning out a lot of stuff from my apartment in recent weeks, which includes recycling years’ worth of (often unread) magazines. While paging through a 2009 copy of the now-defunct mine. magazine (a Lexus-sponsored periodical, which cobbled together other magazines’ articles, and Lexus ads, based on the subscriber’s personal preferences), I came across a Real Simple article titled “10 things every traveler should do.” The article discusses how to make sure you get properly acquainted with a new place – or one you’ve seen a million times. The tips are helpful and unique – and some of them are ones I’ve already been incorporating in my routine for ages, so I also got to feel good about myself reading it. šŸ˜‰ Honestly, though, these are all great ideas for someone looking to make the most of their destination. I loved seeing the McDonald’s and newspaper tips because those are two things that have given me myriad details about various locales. For example, I’ll never forget picking up a copy of the local paper in Duluth, Minnesota on my first day there. The riveting front page feature? How the local college kids got along with the year ’round residents (with the ultimate answering being there weren’t really any issues)! What a refreshing difference from the headlines in The Washington Post!

I also appreciate that Iyer’s article encourages travelers to make a point to do the “touristy” stuff when visiting a destination, even if just to pick up some ideas or get your bearings. Yes! You should!

Here is the link to the online article at Real Simple (three pages): 10 things every traveler should do, by Pico Iyer, at Real Simple magazine


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