Travel stuff: Pilot and Captain

I like stuff. Some of my favorite stuff includes T-shirts. Pilot and Captain makes some of my very favorite T-shirts ever. No, I wasn’t paid to say this!

Since this is a travel blog, and I work in the travel industry, you won’t be surprised to see why I like these so much when you visit their site. Each shirt has a cool design with an airport’s 3 letter IATA code on the front. They come in nifty colors and are super soft and comfortable. I have the ones for LON, MSY, LAS, DCA, and DUB plus a fun postcard and a random BOS luggage tag-shaped magnet that they kindly included with my last order. I cannot wait to get the new AMS tee.

They also sell a ton of other stuff like vintage-inspired prints, mugs, notebooks, and totes, not to mention some really fun items like twistable/foldable paper globes and “vintage turbo flyers”!

There are also a few field guides to various U.S. cities.

I made this post on a whim, and all the pictures I am trying to take of my shirts are coming out terrible with our horrible overhead lighting (or lack thereof) so I’ll just skip the pix and tell you to check them out at (PS They have a new Texas collection! My husband’s family lives in Texas and I’ve been out there for work four other times so my house is covered in Texas stuff! Surprisingly I can’t wait to get more!)


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