On the Road Again

It’s one of those busy times of year when I’m on the road a lot. I saw Portland, Oregon for the first time last week. That was only my second trip to a West Coast state. I now have just 19 states to go before I’ve been to all of ’em. Then I plan to finish conquering the countries of Central America and the Caribbean. 🙂 Of course, I’ll never stop traveling my own beloved country as much as possible.

This week I am in the Cincinnati area. I have been by here a few times, but never spent any time in Cincinnati itself that I can think of. I flew into Covington, Kentucky (which is where the Cinci airport actually is), drove right past the glittering collection of Cincinnati towers and on into the adjacent city of Blue Ash, where I am staying. My work this week is in another neighboring city, Norwood and I believe I drive through a couple of other Cincinnati “suburb” cities on my way to and from work. (Montgomery is one.) So I’m driving all over the place. I took a bit of a drive through Blue Ash today and saw mostly businesses and some open green fields. It looks like a nice town. I’ve been a bit lame and not really gone out here much because well, I’m here for work and I’m very tired at the end of each day and still have some additional work to do once I get back to my hotel. I hope to get out in Cincinnati proper on Friday night and maybe tomorrow night too. I also understand Indiana is not far from here at all and that would cross another state off my list. For now, room service and relaxing are my best friends.


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