Texas Landscape Observations

Texas Trip 2 of 4 (Winter ’13/’14) is nearly done. I’ll be back in two weeks for another stay in Austin.

Southeast Texas is chilly and gray and sometimes rainy right now; I’m told that’s rare even in December. As I observed in Austin (more central) last week and in College Station-Bryan (much closer) in 2008, what I’ve seen of this state is mostly flat with a large amount of sprawl (including tons of restaurants – Texas boasts plenty of great food). Many times the only real height in the landscape comes in the form of towering highway overpasses. Corpus Christi is much flatter than Austin however, and sits right on the beautiful bay which is part of the Gulf of Mexico and displays many colors in its waters even on a cloudy day. The road to Corpus from San Antonio is largely farmland and reminds me of a cross between my own hometown in rural Virginia, and the even more rural area of Quintana Roo state in eastern Mexico. (We’re just four hours from the border here, says my mother-in-law). Huge clusters of prickly pear cacti welcome you on your route, along with the occasional herd of cattle. These areas must be perfect for stargazing – a favorite activity of mine wherever the night sky is untainted by city lights.


2 responses to “Texas Landscape Observations

  1. Sounds like fun times “deep in the heart of Texas”. You know your step-great-grandmother sewed the first Texas Lone Star flag right? Yay! 🙂

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