Autumn Leaves

The beautiful sight of Washington as I fly back home never gets old. Monuments, the Pentagon, and the Potomac all look just inches away as we touch down at DCA (Reagan National). Sometimes it looks like the plane might land right in the water. The delighted gasps of first time visitors as they see the Washington Monument and the Capitol staring back at them through their window is nearly as wonderful as seeing it myself. Flying home from CAE (the grand little Columbia, South Carolina airport) last week gave me an additional special treat of seeing our gorgeous Virginia fall colors from the air. It looked like someone had dropped paint balls all over the trees. Some foliage was so incredibly bright that I genuinely mistook one solitary tree for an orange tarp in someone’s back yard!

Driving to Morgantown, West Virginia for business this week gave me a view of our state’s (and our neighboring state’s) seasonal splendor from the road as well. Capturing this glory from my iPhone’s camera seems next to impossible – I can never do it justice with this type of camera. The colors come out dark rather than gleaming. But I’ll post a few pics anyway … 🙂

En route to WV

En route to WV

Old Glory

Old Glory

A view from the mountains at a Virginia welcome center

A view from the mountains at a Virginia welcome center


One response to “Autumn Leaves

  1. I’ve always liked the leaves along the GW Parkway, especially west of Key Bridge…

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