228 Days to Go!

I just logged into my Norwegian Cruise Lines account to make a payment and saw the big 228 Days to Go! countdown clock! Woo hoo! I can’t wait till our “big” honeymoon. At this point we are planning on a “big” and a “little” honeymoon because without the little I’ll be going back to work the Monday after we get married. No thanks! So we’ll be headed off somewhere for a couple of nights, like a bed and breakfast or something relaxing so we can chill out and enjoy being married 🙂 I’ll take Monday off then hopefully work at home for the rest of the week. We’ll see how that works out. Then less than a week later we’ll be flying off to Miami! I hope we can take a trip to the Everglades before getting on the Norwegian Pearl for another 7-day Western Caribbean cruise. The Pearl is one of NCL’s Jewel class ships and is bigger and a bit fancier than the Spirit. We actually saw the Pearl anchored next to us when we were in Belize last year! This year we have a balcony cabin right at the back of the ship (aft) so we can hear the wake and get a gorgeous unblocked view from our room. (I don’t think the balcony’s all that big for sitting but we’ll probably be out there a fair amount too!) Last year we saw lots of sea life from the sundeck on the Spirit so I’m hoping we’ll get some great views of animals in the distance from our balcony, too. Also, the Pearl has a fabulous thermal spa with a big hot spa pool and heated ceramic loungers and drinks you can sip while you do nothing so one of the very first things we do after boarding will be purchasing spa passes! And our stops this year include:

*Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas (NCL’s private island), where we plan to hike over to the lighthouse and the old helicopter pad and see the ruins left over from the days when it was a U.S. military installation. Hopefully we will also have plenty of time for snorkeling.

*Grand Cayman – This British territory is supposed to have some great snorkeling as well, especially with a large stingray population. This one will require some research.

*Ocho Rios, Jamaica – I think hiking the water fall here is a must!

*Our last stop is a return to Cozumel, Mexico which we also visited last year and loved. Cozumel is GREAT especially the little neighborhoods on the inside. It’s a nice place to just walk around once you get past the touristy areas (not that those aren’t a lot of fun – they are!). We loved cooking with Josefina in her home last year but this year I think we’ll just head to Money Bar (or another private beach bar) and do lots of snorkeling. That’s one thing I wish we did a bit more of last year, snorkel (although we did do some in the incredible reefs off Roatan).



3 responses to “228 Days to Go!

  1. After reading that, I had to go log into NCL and check my countdown clock to see if we are on the same cruise. We’re not. Can’t wait to cruise on the Pearl though, since it is after all on the banner of my blog as well as my gravatar.

    • So you’re doing the same cruise, just with different dates? It sounds awesome. I’m slightly worried that we will not be able to stop at Great Stirrup Cay, just because I’ve been reading about how the waters are often too rough in that area in December. Any thoughts on that? Regardless, I’m sure it will be fabulous. I’m very excited to experience the Pearl – as we discovered last year, we love cruising! We’ll have to bring some of your towel animal instructions with us too 🙂

      • Yes, same cruise, different dates. I haven’t been to Great Stirrup Cay before, so I don’t know anything about that other than I don’t want to miss it either. I haven’t actually been on the Pearl before, but I did go to Alaska on Norwegian Sun and they made towel animals for us every day. My next towel animal blog is going to be snakes that can be made from any one towel or even a washcloth. That’s a good animal for any time, anywhere. I’m very excited to go on the Pearl too, it being on my blog header and all. You have a better cabin though, we just have an inside one. They keep advertising free balcony upgrades, but won’t upgrade ours since we booked through one of those cheap online sites rather than through NCL.

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