This entire past month has been really stressful. Things are looking up, but things are also in a constant state of change.

Since my job situation has changed, I no longer work from home nor have I kept my every-other-Friday-off schedule. Surprisingly, I don’t miss the former much, if at all. It has taken some major getting used to – while before, my three nicest suits and CK sweater dress would suffice just fine for on-site client visits, now I find myself desperately seeking new business attire. And I suddenly find myself going to bed earlier, getting up earlier, and feeling tired easier. But the commute is not long and the work is enjoyable (even when it’s not … if that makes any sense to anyone but me). As for the change in schedule, I do miss it, but I don’t think about it much.

I had a fabulous week away with my family on our annual vacation. This year we were in Surfside Beach, right next to last year’s Murrells Inlet/Garden City getaway. The week ended with my parents welcoming a new kitty into the family – an orange female classic tabby, a timid but friendly stray who is both darling and quite smart.

A lot to do this weekend and a lot to catch up on … wooo


One response to “Adjusting

  1. It was a fun week at the beach. The “kitty” turns out to be a full grown, albeit small, cat! 3-5 years according to the vet. Sweet for sure, but still a little skittish. She was warming up a bit, then off to get spayed, and not so warm now! But hopefully she’ll get back on track!

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