Earthquakes I Have Known

When I was a little kid I was fascinated by natural disasters and weather phenomena. An earthquake seemed like something I would only experience through the (super fun) Universal Studios ride in Orlando. But in recent years I have heard of several small tremors shaking various parts of Virginia. I never noticed any of them … or so I thought. Early one morning in July of last year (I think), I woke up suddenly to a very loud grinding noise. I was completely groggy and the sound seemed to vanish almost as soon as I became conscious enough to comprehend it. Of course, not being the type to rise early and figuring the lady upstairs just had an issue with her plumbing again, I returned to the Land of Nod. Later that morning, after I was fully awake, people began talking about an earthquake they’d felt. I honestly thought I had missed it. Come on, I hear weird noises around here all the time – Marine One and friends buzzing past the house, planes taking off, loud dump trucks, sirens, you name it. After today’s quake, I remembered that sound and recognized that it was in fact the sound of an earthquake. So, I didn’t miss it after all!

In September of last year, my family experienced a small quake in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. I did not notice or hear anything at all and felt sad I missed it, but other family members did feel it and saw things moving around. Today more than made up for my missed vacation earthquake. With my building pitching back and forth like a giant was playing with it, I think I really had enough.

Sadly the sanctuary at St. Stephen’s in Culpeper, where I have a lot of great memories, was heavily damaged in the quake. Culpeper has declared a state of emergency and some injuries and loss of residential buildings occurred in that town as well as in neighboring areas (right around the epicenter), so please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers.


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