My Golden Birthday

Shortly before my birthday, my aunt informed me that a “golden birthday” is the date you turn the same number as your specific birth date. Since I turned 30 on the 30th, that made this my lucky golden birthday. I personally feel it was very lucky indeed as I spent time with many people I love over the weeks before and after my birthday, even Skype-ing with four friends living in the Netherlands. I’d thought I wanted to throw some kind of huge to-do, but as the date grew closer, I realized I really just wanted to spend time with the people I love. I received a lot of really sweet cards and gifts in the mail and in person, and I was very touched by it all. I was even surprised with a monstrous Edible Arrangements bouquet courtesy of the wonderful Valentine family!

Eric even noticed me admiring a chocolate cake, topped with chocolate-dipped strawberries, at Giant, and he snuck back there to pick it up days before he surprised me with it. He hid it in the fridge behind a stack of pizza boxes, cut just-so to conceal the cake.

Eric shows off his clever handiwork

The actual day of my birthday was perfectly relaxed and wonderful. Eric presented me with a beautiful cast iron tea kettle, handmade in Japan, with a Teavana gift card, bamboo tools set, and tealight warmer. What a perfect and thoughtful gift! We headed to Old Town Alexandria for lunch at Murphy’s Irish pub, shopped at Already Read used books (where we met two kitties named Bert and Ernie), then watched Captain America before heading home. Eric made me my favorite Scotch eggs for dinner.

The koi fish design on this beautiful tea kettle represents prosperity.

Less than one month till the beach!

Personal Birthday Trivia:
Sun Sign: Leo
Moon Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
Day of Week: Thursday (“Thursday’s child has far to go”)
Birth Stone: Ruby
Birth Flower: Larkspur and/or water lily (depending on what source you are consulting – I grew up seeing both mentioned equally often)
Meaning of My Name: Martha has its origins as meaning “the lady” and appears in the New Testament. I’m honored to be named after my mother, and to have my middle name passed down as a family name on my father’s side.


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