Arlington Radio Towers

One of the coolest things about my building – other than the fact that I live here, haw haw – is that it sits on a spot once occupied by the world famous Arlington Radio Towers. There were three of them, and they were not unlike the Eiffel Tower in appearance. The tallest tower stood 600 feet tall.

A historical marker in front of our rose garden explains their significance:

Click the photo to enlarge it and read the text. Thanks to Eric Mercado.

A picture showing how they appeared from neighboring Arlington National Cemetery is here at DC Public Library Commons’ Flickr. I have also seen pictures showing a fourth tower under construction, such as this picture at the Library of Congress. Other pictures appear to show additional towers. Yet the marker only mentions three.

You can watch a brief Pike 200 Minute video about the Towers here, on arlingtoncounty’s Youtube channel.

Today, after you read the marker, you can keep going down South Courthouse, make a left on 2nd, make a right on Glebe, park at Ballston Common Mall, head to Rock Bottom Brewery, and order yourself an Arlington Radio Towers Red ale!


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