The Summer So Far

First of all, it’s SUMMER BEER SEASON! What are your favorites? I’ve been asking everybody! I can’t wait to get over to Westover Beer Garden and enjoy a few along with some live music and barbecue!
It’s also summer blockbuster season. Last October, I took Roelof’s brother Johan and fiancee Xaviera by the Air Force Memorial where a scene for the third Transformers movie was being shot. That movie will be out in early July.

Other movies I’ve seen in the theaters recently, and my ratings for each (based on how much I liked the movie, not how well it was made, acting chops, etc.):

Fast Five. 4 out of 5. I was surprised by how much I liked this. It was more like a heist flick a la Ocean’s Eleven than the silly racing movie I was expecting.
Bridesmaids. 4 out of 5. Hilarious and surprisingly heartwarming, this raunchy flick showcased the skills of some of today’s best comediennes.
The Hangover Part II. 4 out of 5. The sequel molded in the exact same pattern as the first, but enjoyable nonetheless.
Super 8. 5 out of 5. I LOVED this movie. Set in 1979, it felt like a cross between ET and The Goonies, or The Manhattan Project and Monster Squad. Well-done.
Thor. 4 out of 5. The latest Marvel comic book-turned-big screen adventure.
Kung Fu Panda 2. 3 out of 5. I haven’t seen the first one. This one felt surprisingly dark for a movie aimed at children. I hear the first one is better. Still enjoyable.

There are plenty of movies still to come including the final installment of Harry Potter! I’ve been considering going back and re-reading the first four books, which are my favorites in the series.
Personal training and the new way of eating are mostly going well. I say “mostly” because I think I could be doing a lot more in that department. I haven’t been making the best effort toward my cardio, lazily drifting in the gym maybe twice a week. Also, sometimes I don’t follow the rules I set for myself during the week and eat too many “bad for you” foods. Going out to a restaurant is pretty much a bust every time; even the low-calorie items are either way TOO small portions and those are that are decent size are guaranteed to be packed full of sodium. I find that eating at home during the week and brown-bagging it for lunch works the best for me. This week I didn’t do too well however. Eric took me to a movie and dinner on his night off earlier this week which was excellent; I ordered the reasonable grilled salmon, shrimp, and steamed broccoli but neglected to ask what the dish was grilled WITH. Sure enough, it arrived liberally covered in oil. Come on, is that REALLY necessary? It doesn’t taste good enough without the liquid fat oozing out of it?! We were running too close to movie time for me to send it back, so I ate the broccoli first, then all the shrimp, then about half of the salmon. Then the other night, we had a party for a professional club I help run complete with pizza, cake, and champagne. I was careful to only eat so much of each item, but still way more calories and fat then I normally take in. Of course, if I would work on my cardio a wee bit more, it wouldn’t be a big deal that I ate two little slices of pepperoni pizza! (They really were little – still way high in the fat grams department, but I’m not going to give myself a giant guilt trip over it!)

With the PT, it’s fun to see what I will have to tackle each session. No two sessions are the same and lately we’ve been doing increased “circuits” which involve me rotating through different sets of exercises. I learn new exercises and weight routines every single time. I like my trainer. She’s spunky and sweet and makes me work hard, but at the same time, she can tell when I’m genuinely getting too exhausted (as opposed to just resistant) and she’s careful to make sure I keep proper form so I don’t get hurt.
Sumo is still diabetic, as well as nutty and mischievous. I have to keep adjusting his insulin doses and monitoring bathroom habits so I can administer his glucose tests. He’s at a healthier weight and he’s no longer vomiting every day, a great sign. He’s recently taken to curling up on top of my laptop case. Maybe he would like to earn his keep around here.
Eric and I hoping to go on another drive-in tour soon! We’ll either hit up Hull’s Drive-In in Lexington or head to Baltimore and visit the Bengies.
My 30th birthday is coming up fast! I have put a deposit on my second tandem skydive for the occasion, this time with a different site who seem WAY more organized. 🙂
I’m becoming more domestic! I’ve been embarking on various cooking, cleaning, baking, decorating and organizing projects and enjoying myself. And I’ve even tending to a tomato plant I got from my coworker. Here, let me help you pick your jaws back up off the floor.
And finally, the brand new GIANT is having its grand opening tomorrow morning at 6 AM! I can’t recall ever being this excited about a grocery store opening (or a grocery store, period) in my life. I mean, I’m even considering getting up early and heading over there so I can walk in when the doors open and enjoy my free coupons, samples, and wine and tapas tastings along with other opening day festivities. But I’m hardly alone in my enthusiasm. For WEEKS people have been walking and driving around the new Penrose Square development. A lone bored security guard reads a magazine inside the locked-up store while Giant trucks load the new groceries, as neighbors stand around gossiping and circling like vultures, peering in the windows and leaving breath marks all over the glass. Some days it looks like zombies crowding around. You have to understand that losing the previous Giant (in the same spot) was miserable for ALL OF US. For TWO YEARS we’ve had to either battle nasty traffic and fearless life-gambling jaywalkers all the way up the Pike to get to the Falls Church Giant for the best selection and prices, or take the slow ride through Arlington Ridge neighborhood for the far less well-stocked Glebe Road Giant. Or hey, we can always pay the mega-high prices at our Pentagon Row or North Glebe Harris Teeters, or head all the way over to Rosslyn for the Safeway. Hah, well now I’ll just walk over to my Giant and back, thank you! I’M SO EXCITED.


4 responses to “The Summer So Far

  1. I’ve had two new beers that I liked (new to me). Key West Summer Ale, nice beer, a bit darker and more flavorful than a standard ale. I’m not generally a dark beer fan, and this wasn’t real dark at all so it was actually pretty nice. I had two! (My normal beers are in the Coors and Bud Light variety). Also tried a Sam Adams Summer Ale. This is a flavored beer, which I usually steer a million miles from, but the flavors, lemon and a variety of pepper are used with such a light touch that its pretty nice.

  2. “Here, let me help you pick your jaws back up off the floor.” Love it!!

    No new beers for me yet, or anything else resembling “fun” — I’m just way too busy this summer for that, what with job 1, job 2, the gym, tai chi, physical therapy, doctors, meditation class and a third job which I haven’t actually had time to start yet…

    And yeah, the Rosslyn Safeway sucks…we didn’t even shop there when we lived there and we could walk to it!!

  3. Wow, Catherine, you’ve got a lot going on. Hopefully gym, tai chi and meditation offers a bit of relaxation!!

  4. Forgot “feral cat colony caretaker”…and you can add college student to that list in the fall as I plan to start taking courses from HSU!

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