Sauca: New Restaurant on Columbia Pike Is Worth a Trip!

One of my favorite things about living on the Pike is the many great local businesses we have within walking distance. We have great American joints like Bob & Edith’s and The Broiler, and a slew of international options. Why, within a couple of blocks from my building I can find at least four Thai, three Chinese, and two Ethiopian eateries, plus Irish, Japanese, Mexican, Salvadorian, Turkish, and Afghan. Now to add to all that, we have the showcase of international foods called Sauca.

Sauca is a little farther down the street at 4707 Columbia Pike. This location doesn’t have the best history of holding down businesses. When I moved here nearly 4 years ago, it was the home of Bob & Edith’s II, which soon closed. Later it was a pollo chicken shop with a check cashing place attached, also short-lived. Most often I saw it vacant. But Sauca, already well-known thanks to its food truck business in the District, is already attracting much buzz. Eric took me over there a few nights ago to check it out.

After moments of indecision over whether we’d sit indoors or out, I ultimately chose indoors. (It was just too hot, even with the ceiling fan on the patio.) The selections at Sauca include a wide variety of “saucas” or wraps with ingredients inspired from around the world. Get a combo with a drink and a side of your choice if you like. Eric ordered the Mumbai Butter Chicken sauca with yucca fries and I had the Medi Veggie with curried potato salad. (Not exactly adhering to my diet — oops) Lemon aoli was served with the fries and then the nice owner/manager (I presume) came around and offered us a couple of hot sauces. He gave us a spicy green sauce and a sweet hot sauce which was especially delicious! The yucca fries, which are big, light, and soft with slightly crispy outsides, were gone in no time.

So how was the rest of our food? Eric’s Mumbai Chicken was soft with basmati rice, cashews, and sweetly seasoned chicken. It was a tad light on flavor for my taste, but I would eat it again. My Medi Veggie was so good that I almost ate all of it before I realized I was about to die of being overstuffed. It had hummus, saffron rice, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, and a dill yogurt sauce. Another vegetarian wrap option is also available. I thought my potato salad could have done with far more curry; it was good but was too close to plain old potato salad for me.

I would highly recommend Sauca whether you track down the food truck or journey out to their sit-down eatery. The food is great and you have your choice of a variety of wraps representing several different world regions. I can’t wait to go back and try another sauca!

But how do you say it? I think it’s pronounced “sow-cha” – I’ll ask next time I’m in there.

Visit Sauca’s website to learn more about their unique brand approach: Eat Sauca


3 responses to “Sauca: New Restaurant on Columbia Pike Is Worth a Trip!

  1. Your description makes me practically taste the food! Sounds delicious, and just the way I like to eat!

  2. We’ll have to try it. I might be up there Tuesday, you up for going? πŸ™‚

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