Cactus Cantina

It’s not every Sunday afternoon that I wake up to someone jumping up and down on the bed yelling, “MARTHA WAKE UP! MARTHA WAKE UP! I want to take you to a restaurant!” I was willing to forgive this intrusion as the offender was very handsome … oh yeah, and that he was offering to pay for my lunch! I had passed Cactus Cantina on my way to Bethesda the previous weekend, of which I know my sister is a big fan, so Eric and I headed out that way to enjoy his first full day off in … let’s not get into that. It’s at 3300 Wisconsin Avenue NW, a relatively short drive from our home. As we turned onto Wisconsin from 33rd Street, Eric got the bright idea to park a full mile away from the restaurant so that we could walk off some of the excess calories in advance and enjoy the weather. I should’ve considered my shoddy footwear choice (my favorite purple flats) before I agreed to this plan, but I didn’t and I’ll spare you the details of what ultimately happened to my poor little feet. Other than those injuries, it was a lovely walk and we even got hit with a brief refreshing summer shower! The Cantina is hard to miss, with attractive decor including a large cactus statue with neon lights. Inside, the atmosphere was lively and the service was pretty fast, not surprising considering the number of waitstaff to patrons. There had to be a server for every single person (not table) in that whole joint, and they were all dressed like camp counselors! Awesome!

We were seated next to the tortilla maker and given chips and salsa. The chips were delicious but the type that break easily, and the salsa was the watery kind that drips all over you unless you hold the bowl right under your face as you eat. This never stops us from devouring a whole basket, however, and it sure didn’t this time. We also had a plate of jalapeno queso dip, guacamole, and shredded cheese with our pre-meal munchies – DELICIOUS. When our main brunch dishes arrived, I was already close to full. I do this EVERY SINGLE TIME I visit a Mexican restaurant and ruin my appetite with the snacks and appetizers! I managed to eat one of my three fish tacos anyway and I drained most of my frozen peach margarita. The drink could’ve been stronger – but I really don’t drink that much anymore, so if it was stronger it probably would’ve put me to sleep for the afternoon, haha. Eric complained he was stuffed but demolished his giant burrito anyway … no surprise there.

It was a nice meal in a lively place. I have no real complaints. I’d like to come back. After we were through, we hiked back down to the car, stopping in Whole Foods on the way. The air was yummily warm and we watched a baseball team practice for a bit. If it wasn’t for our overly full states and my bloody feet, we probably would’ve hung around the neighborhood longer. What a good way to start a new week, especially after this last one was so … WEIRD. (Except for Saturday night; Saturday night was great) If I never have another week like last week ever again, that’s fine by me!


2 responses to “Cactus Cantina

  1. Yep, I just love Cactus Cantina…eating outside on their patio is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I like to eat there and then walk around the side streets off of Wisconsin Avenue.

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