Happy Hump Day!

It’s the middle of the week … the hump of the week! I might do a little work tonight as I have a special event tomorrow that I must use leave for, unless I work extra hours. I certainly have plenty to do. Unfortunately, I got too wrapped up in what I was doing this evening, and was late for my personal training appointment today. I was only over by a few minutes, but I felt bad. I was super early last time. I also didn’t eat or drink anything for several hours beforehand, which had disastrous results. I wasn’t even halfway through the workout when I suddenly felt very lightheaded, like I was floating, and got a really loud, strange buzzing-like noise in my ears. I couldn’t even hear what my trainer was saying. She had me go drink some water but I still felt kind of faint, not to mention really embarrassed. She gave me a gentle lecture on setting a routine and making sure to eat at least a protein bar before coming in, and bringing some water. I know that these are things I should do, but when I get caught up in other stuff I wind up putting things like that last. It’s like I don’t want to make things that *I* need a priority.

Back to the workout: I learned some more new exercises but I felt like I was being ridiculously spacy, and I started getting faint and nauseous again at the end. Now I do have ADD, so the slightest distraction can ruin everything anyway. I apologized to my trainer, but let’s face it: if I do poorly she still gets paid, but I just wasted a good half hour or more that I could’ve used all for myself. I still got something out of it so I didn’t lose out completely this evening, but it could’ve been better. So I should be apologizing to myself.

I decided to purchase additional training, for a total of five sessions per month for six months. I think it will help me stay on track better, and also improve my results. I’m also seriously considering heading to the gym in the mornings rather than the afternoons, which has worked well for me in the past (even though I HATE getting out of bed that early). I’m also going to purchase some new fitness attire – I only have two outfits that I really feel comfortable in, the rest is all baggy old attire that makes me feel like a big dork – and I desperately need new gym shoes and arch support inserts too. And, I’ll be joining the 21st century and getting – gasp! – an iPod! (Don’t worry giant CD collection; I shall not desert you.)

It still makes me feel self-conscious to look like such an out-of-shape loon among people who are way more fit. That’s something I’ll just have to get over. Having a trainer helps with that a good deal because I have to do what she says and can’t run away because somebody buff just walked up.

My new nutrition rules are going very well, and I have already lost two pounds in a matter of days. I just fell back into my old routine of counting calories and writing down absolutely EVERYTHING I eat. Even if it’s a single tortilla chip or a zero-calorie beverage, I write it down. That’s how I lost a lot of weight several years ago. I’m making much better choices on a regular basis and now when I eat a piece of chocolate, it feels like a luxurious treat rather than something I chow down without paying any attention. Eric and I even bought a six-pack of – gasp! – LIGHT beer. And it’s good! Over the past few years I’ve found that I really do not drink that much anymore, anyway, and I don’t miss it much. I do genuinely love beer, but now when I have one I notice all the nuances of the flavor more than I typically would, and I think I appreciate it more that way.

Obviously, I do need to eat more often. For the most part, I have been good about eating three meals a day and small, ,filling snacks in between. Ugh, I’m STILL feeling dizzy and shaky, as I write this, from failing to eat properly before my workout. I’m rehydrating as fast as I can.

Other random boring goings-on: our large deposit for the canceled cruise is being refunded soon. I think it’s smartest to keep the money for now and put it toward more prudent things. Just because I CAN spend the money, doesn’t mean I should! That’s right, I’m looking to live below my means and put more money away for savings, emergency bills (so we don’t get stuck shelling out every last cent toward a certain diabetic feline, ahem Sumo, right before a vacation again), and my retirement fund. Wait, who is this, is this Martha talking? Someone must’ve taken over my blog when I wasn’t looking …

Thunderstorm rolling in, SWEET!


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