“All we need is just a little patience”

I received word from NCL that they have cancelled a number of cruises to the Mediterranean region due to “continued political unrest”, which includes our planned 10-day stint on the Norwegian Jade. The cruise would have left from Rome and ventured to a couple of ports in Greece, a port in Turkey, and two wonderful days in Alexandria, Egypt. I had also planned to take an escorted private flight from Alexandria to Cairo/Luxor, which was something offered by NCL as part of a fabulous overnight tour. Now I’m left with three options and the first two involve transferring the booking to another cruise. The third? Do nothing and just have the deposit refunded. We plan to take the money back and see what we feel like doing with it in the future. On the one hand, I’m really excited to plan another vacation. On the other hand … booooo, I wanted my Mediterranean cruise! Now I can’t help but paw through numerous travel brochures looking for other exotic trips – a nicely discounted repositioning cruise that leaves from Dubai and ends up in Rome has really got me salivating – but I understand Eric’s viewpoint, to just wait and see. Maybe as we get closer, we can take the same trip either later on, or on a different cruise line. (We really can’t wait too much past February – the heat in Egypt will not be bearable.) I have all kinds of travel dreams, but some will probably have to wait till I am retired (hi, Antarctica!) much to my great consternation. I have the worst case of wanderlust, I swear. I try to be patient, but it’s hard.

On a separate note about the cruise, I noticed NCL did NOT cancel cruises to that same region that take place this fall. So, I suspect the real reason for the cancellations is that since people have become more skittish about traveling to Egypt, the staterooms NCL would expect to have booked by now on the Jade remain empty. It’s really too bad. The travel advisory to Egypt has been lifted by the Department of State, and when it was in place, NCL simply docked at Istanbul instead.

I hit the gym last night and tore up that elliptical. I was mad about something earlier so it was good to release that energy … also good because I slipped and ordered two Domino’s pizzas Monday, and then ate a McDonald’s value meal on the way to the office today. I was in a rush and disobeyed my trainer’s instructions for my diet. Groaaaaan. One of the funny things about this whole gym deal is it’s pushing me to finally join the 21st century and buy an iPod. I’m thinking I’ll get a little Shuffle and then dressing it in these Mix Monsters cases. Currently I just read a fitness magazine or watch something on TV while I use the elliptical. The other funny thing is that I’m considering going to the gym in the early morning rather than in the evening after work. That way I can spend more time with Eric, who goes to bed around 9:30 or 10 PM now!

Looking forward to the weekend …


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