Some Kicks on Route 66!

A trip I’m planning on taking in the next year or two is a drive down the entire length of the original Route 66. I was surprised to see it takes less time to make this drive than I’d envisioned. Some of the original route has been preserved, some has been absorbed into the interstate systems, and some is ready to become one with the earth again and makes for some rough riding! I would love to make a real Great American Road Trip and spend my tourist dollars right here at home! And why not this decommissioned historic road with what remains of its lovable kitschy statues, motels, and abandoned structures?

Here are some of the things I most want to see on Route 66:

  • The Catoosa Blue Whale statue in Catoosa, Oklahoma. Read more about him at the Oklahoma Route 66 Association.
  • The Wigwam Motels in San Bernardino, California, and Holbrook, Arizona. Contrary to the name, travelers stay in their own private tee-pees. A third surviving Wigwam Motel can also be found in Cave City, Kentucky. Book a room at the California Wigwam here or a room at the Arizona motel using this page.
  • The “living ghost town” of Oatman, Arizona, where wild burros roam and wild west attractions are said to be quite popular. Check out some pictures and more information here.

Oh, and then there’s stuff like Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Santa Monica Boulevard … I guess that stuff is cool too. *wink*

You can find out more about Route 66, including turn-by-turn descriptions (as it’s obviously not on the maps anymore) at this Historic Route 66 page. A book is mentioned on the page that sounds useful and I also found a documentary on Netflix (called simply, Route 66, with 3 discs total) – I’ll be watching and taking notes to plan. I doubt I’ll have enough leave to execute this trip in 2012 unless we cancel our Mediterranean cruise, so 2013 is a likelier possibility.

I also plan to attend the Detroit International Auto Show in January 2012, just for the weekend. I think I mentioned that already. I like cars. Maybe I’ll get to test drive an Equus.

Well, it’s off to my favorite watering hole down the street for a late dinner and a beer or two. I hear they have some new buffalo egg rolls. (Old Arlington Grill, I’m talking about you!)

Confidential to my old friend New Orleans: Hang on, I’m coming for you!


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