The Shamrock Shake Lets Me Down

I made a favorite mistake of mine yesterday afternoon by failing to eat up until around lunch time, then realizing I had also failed to do any substantial grocery shopping at the same time I conveniently decided it was time for me to get my annual Shamrock Shake. I COULD have made an egg and spinach scramble with red pepper, Mrs. Dash, and a little Ball’s salsa mix in about 5 to 10 minutes; instead, my ravenous body went through the McDonald’s drive-thru and came back out with a 3-piece Chicken Selects value meal and a medium Shamrock. (What happened to my keeping it at a small?) Martha V.’s Cardinal Rule #1 of Eating Well was broken: NEVER go through a drive-thru while starving! Okay, that’s rule #2. Rule #1 is: NEVER EVER EVER SKIP BREAKFAST. Even eating a sugary donut is better than not eating anything at all! I hate skipping meals, but I was so busy yesterday that I ignored my body telling me it was famished.

After receiving my order, I saw that I needed to correct something I wrote about this shake in my last post. I somehow got the impression that this shake comes in a souvenir cup, but it doesn’t. It’s in the regular clear cup with the lid that some of the McCafe drinks come in. Not only that, but it was topped with whipped cream and a cherry! Sounds great, right? Not for me – I really do not want all of those extra calories! Now I don’t believe in beating yourself up over things that you truly enjoy and want to treat yourself to from time to time – or even beating yourself up for anything, really – but when I saw that cream I groaned. If I’d known it was on there, I would’ve asked them to leave it off. Instead, I drank the shake till all that was left was the whipped cream and a little bit of the shake, then tossed it. The shake was not as minty as years previous so it was easy for me to not finish it. Oh, Shamrock Shake. You make me sad.

I ate my three Chicken Selects and some of the fries while on a conference call, and suddenly waves of nausea overtook me. I had not had Chicken Selects in quite a long time, as that batter is bursting with sodium, fat, and other unpronounceable nasties that I’m increasingly cutting out of my diet. I feel really, really good when I eat well. But when I eat badly, well, I think my body is no longer used to it. It probably met the Chicken Selects and said, “Um, I don’t even know what this IS. What are you doing putting this in me? Are you for real?” It was all I could do not to throw up on the phone! I did keep it down but continued to feel sick on and off for a few hours.

Lesson learned: Eating whole, healthy, fresh foods is great, eating something not-so-good for you but utterly delicious is a great treat, eating something kinda-tasty but terrible for you has a whole new connotation when you’re no longer used to it. Further proof to me that our bodies were not meant to take in many of the things that we feed to them as part of a typical American diet.

In further news, I’ve really wanted to attend the Detroit Auto Show for some time now; I think the 2012 show will be it! I’m hoping and praying to see a resurgence of the Big Three and American cars. (Full disclosure: my current car’s Korean and it’s a GREAT vehicle, but so was my Buick.) Have you seen Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit” commercials? Buy American-made (everything) just a little more often and help our economy and American businesses!


2 responses to “The Shamrock Shake Lets Me Down

  1. We’ve all been there done that. Just best to avoid those places completely. I am not sure I could order anything healthy at McDonalds. The second I smell the fries I would be all over a large order. 😀

    The Grumpy Man

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