Nutrition Review: Diet-to-Go Meal Delivery Service

Good evening, everyone! Today I’m going to share my impression of the Diet-to-Go meal service, based on four day’s worth of meals that I received as part of NBC4’s “Ambush Makeover” contest prize package. A lot of people had questions about it – especially if the food was any good! – so I’m going to show you a picture of each meal with my opinion.

Diet-to-Go service is customizable, so you can pick which types of meals you want (example, vegetarian, low-calorie, low-fat, etc.), indicate any foods you DON’T want (ex., I said “NO MUSHROOMS PLEASE :)”), and choose meals and days (ex., “breakfast and lunch only for Monday-Friday”). Meals come with cooking instructions, ingredients, and fun facts on the lid. You can have them delivered or pick-up at a local gym or other business. To stay within your daily nutrition counts, you are supposed to eat specific meals on specific days. I did not bother following this with these free meals. (Get the complete low-down on Diet-to-Go at the official site.)


Here we have a beef and bean burrito in a whole grain wrap. The included sides are rice and pintos, refried bean paste with cheese, cooked peppers and onions, and a fresh veggie salsa. I put the salsa over the burrito. It was one of the tastiest of all the meals.


This is a whole wheat bagel with a container of Neufchatel cheese (kind of like cream cheese) and orange juice. Yummy, but the Neufchatel didn’t have very much flavor.


This is a terrible picture, but I swear those maple sausages (on the right) tasted better than they look! The things on the left are rolled up pancakes with blueberries/blueberry sauce completely filling the insides. The container at the bottom is Smucker’s sugar-free syrup. It was very tasty but something was missing … I think it was flavor in the blueberries. Still pretty satisfying.


On the left we have a meatloaf sub. It came with a packet of barbecue sauce which I put on there. I liked it even though the bread kept falling apart. In the containers are diced peaches and creamy vegetable salad. I would’ve really liked the salad if it didn’t have so many peas in it. I didn’t bother to put “no peas” on my form because I don’t mind peas in small amounts. As you will soon see, this totally backfired on me.


I LOVED this dinner! It might be my favorite meal out of all of them! The stew is “Cioppino Seafood Medley” with scallops, shrimp, and either tilapia or flounder (sorry, can’t tell the difference) and is mildly spicy. Also included: petite grain roll, cream cheese and chives, and chocolate pudding.


These are just plain old waffles, which came with a mini-tub of sugar-free syrup. Not bad at all, but I wish it came with some fruit!


Show above: blue crab ravioli soup and vanilla fruit Jell-o. The soup was alright. I love crab meat, but the actual veggie soup taste overpowed the crab flavor. And yes, there were plenty o’ peas in it. The dessert was much better and very tasty with lots of full berries in it. Mmmm.


This meal is Italian herb chicken with cous cous pilaf (including veggies and a little cheese), green beans, and a big hunk of focaccia bread! It was very filling. The only thing I didn’t like all that much was the cous cous. I wanted to love it but man, the flavor of peas is really overpowering.


This meal included a big blueberry muffin, red raspberry preserves, small carton of orange juice, and Greek yogurt! Good stuff – I really like a less sweet breakfast, but this was filling and tasty. I put the preserves on my muffin, but you could also mix them with the yogurt.


Yep, it’s a good old American combo of an apple and grilled cheese sandwich. The apple was delicious but had gone bad in a small area. The grilled cheese tasted so weird … just off …and the cheese was bland. I love grilled cheese – man, what a letdown! (Keep in mind that you are supposed to eat certain meals first and freeze the rest for later in the week, which I didn’t bother to do since I only got four days’ worth of meals, so the apple bit was most likely my own fault since I ate it so late … maybe.)


This was great! It’s baked salmon with herbs, a baked potato stuffed with cheesy steak-seasoned mashed potatoes, baby carrots, a lemon wedge for the salmon, and pineapple crisp for dessert! The only thing I didn’t like was that the pineapple crisp was really dry.


This was the last meal I had left! It was a tomato meltover – slices of tomato melted with cheese over a thin pita, and a cup of apple sauce. I don’t even really like whole tomato slices but I enjoyed this more than I was expecting, although could’ve used more flavorful cheese and less dry bread.

Not pictured: chicken curry salad. This was a lunch I was served at the hair studio the day I won the contest, while waiting for the “final presentation” show! The chicken salad was VERY good, and came with two crackers (which I was too nervous to eat) and Mandarin oranges!

Have fun! I do recommend this, but be aware that it’s quite expensive.


4 responses to “Nutrition Review: Diet-to-Go Meal Delivery Service

  1. Looks like pretty good eating. Too bad a bit expensive.

  2. surprisingly, a lot of this stuff looks pretty good.

    • Yes, most of it was delicious 🙂 I also got an 80 percent off discount, so I’m considering signing up again. Lord knows that would save us a ton on grocery bills. Eric devours EVERYTHING.

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