Martha’s World of Mess

I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend of pretty much nothing notable. I’m going to clean this place top to bottom, take some walks around the neighborhood, work on my fitness, watch some movies, maybe head over to the neighborhood bar a couple times, and work on my writing. I have to submit my novel for its free proof by the end of June and I feel like it’s nowhere ready. I’ve been so slow with it. The same is true of this blog. I have no less than five entries/articles I’ve let sit for weeks. I honestly think it’s because of all the clutter in this place, particularly around my study/dining room area. (“Dining room” is a joke because we almost never eat here. One time I cleared off the whole table and set it, and when Eric got home from work he was very confused.) It makes me feel boxed in and cornered off and clogs my brain, so I’m going to do something serious about it! Then I can get around to really decorating this place. I will have been here for four years come this fall and I think Eric has more decorations and things on the wall in his little corner of the living room, then I do in the whole rest of the apartment!

I’m going for a travel theme throughout – I have a whole box of pictures, maps, and vintage postcards, I have a big vintage travel picture book I want to put on the coffee table, some nicer furniture I plan to buy, and tons of random souvenirs and knick-knacks from various places in the world. I want to get a curio table and fill it with old plane tickets, postcards, shells, and trinkets that I have taking up room elsewhere. I’m also toying with the idea of throwing around some classic travel things like an old suitcase with stickers on it and maybe a compass, just to give it a vintage feel. The bathroom is filled with blue tile that would make for a killer ocean theme. I think I can pick up some super cheap poster and picture frames for hanging from Target or something. I already have about 15 empty picture frames because I’ve never bothered to sort through and decide WHICH pictures to put in them, for pete’s sake.

But yeah, the first thing I need to do is clean. Then I can start from scratch with a fresh canvas. I’m sick of being that slobby girl with mess everywhere. Sure, it gives me character, but it also drives me insane!


2 responses to “Martha’s World of Mess

  1. Good luck sweetie! Cleaning things up, and de-cluttering is a big job. Can’t wait to see the final result! 🙂

  2. Haha, this is exactly what I’ve got planned this weekend — CLEAN this apartment! I just don’t have time to do it anymore. Rob’s out of town so I can really go nuts and clean top to bottom. I love your ideas for decorating!

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