Hi, I’m Murphy’s Law

Hi! I’m Martha’s loaner computer! I like to do stupid things like randomly freeze the screen indefinitely for no reason, and completely erase all the painstaking work from the last few minutes that had not yet auto-saved! I also have a browser that hates WordPress and refuses to scroll down all the way in the post draft, making posting anything a miserable experience! I’m really annoying.

Hi! I’m Eric’s computer! I’m actually an okay guy, but sadly I’ve been the victim of four random and quick power outages this evening that ruined a lot of the work that was being done on me, since the other computer is such a jerk!

Hi! I’m a big tree that fell on the power line down the street at the worst possible time! Everyone hates me right about now.

Hi! I’m Luxembourg! I’m quiet and beautiful and far away, and I’m looking like the Star of Heaven right about now!

Hi, I’m Martha, and clearly I have lost my marbles!

……Gaaaaaaah. November: A very bad month for any computer I touch.


One response to “Hi, I’m Murphy’s Law

  1. I love this post! Very funny and creative, with a great spontaneous flow. It really captures the annoyances that plague us computer users. I want to throw mine through the window sometimes with. I also love the counterpoint in the Luxembourg reference.

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