It’s the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is awesome. Can we have Thanksgiving once a month? Although I missed my mom’s delicious squash casserole – she’s saving it for Christmas when my sister’s there to enjoy – several other dishes were debuted that were too yummy for words. Along with our typical turkey, cranberry sauce, homemade mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, champagne, herb stuffing, and baby sweet pickles, we had:

-Salad: broccoli florets with ground pecans and gorgonzola cheese. (A very tasty creation of my father’s!)
-A second, almost unbearably delicious stuffing with cranberry and bacon courtesy of my Aunt V.! (I said “unbearably” because now I’m sitting here craving it)
-Cauliflower and cheese casserole
-Brussels sprouts
-A new green bean dish with bread crumbs. I missed the green bean casserole we usually have, but this was a yummy substitute!
-A different kind of casserole with big chunks of butternut squash.
-Pecan pie
-Pumpkin pie

My mom is a fabulous cook, hands down, but she really outdid herself this year.

Black Friday: I don’t do Black Friday. Nothing against people who do, unless you’re that person kicking people in the groin to get your discounted LCD TV, but getting up before the crack of dawn after a day of overeating is not my idea of a good time. I’d rather sleep in for a change and then wait for Cyber Monday! But I read a few newspaper articles about many retailers trying to move Black “Friday” to Thanksgiving night and get people in the stores early. That is the worst idea I have ever heard. Don’t look at me to join in because my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving are as follows: eat, lounge around indoors, avoid crowds and stampedes.

NaNoWriMo: Oh man! There are two days of NaNoWriMo left, including today, and I’m about ready for it to be over with so I can go at a more leisurely pace! I need to do a ton of editing and more research. I’m dying to do these things before I write anymore, but I have not even broken 40,000 words yet. Eyestrain and a computer that shorted out, was fixed, and THEN refused to boot put me way behind! Never fear; quitting is not an option. I will win NaNoWriMo!

Christmas is coming soon. I have been on the look out for my favorite holiday teas, but sadly, some of them are rather elusive. My favorites are:

Celestial Seasonings Nutcracker Suite and Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride
Oregon Chai Original Peppermint Concentrate (add to milk)
Bigelow Eggnoggin’
Twinings Christmas Tea and Pumpkin Spice Chai

Sadly, I can’t find most of those at either my local Safeway or Giant, so I’ll have to try Harris Teeter next. I thought about tracking down this one stock boy at Giant that all the older ladies always come after for help getting stuff, but I think he was off for the day.

Decorations are going up all over our apartment! I already had out the Christmas lights/stockings, jolly color-changing snowman, and rotating snowmen music box (except it doesn’t make music anymore). Eric put a giant snowflake on the front of the balcony and some lights and is stringing more lights through a giant wreath right now! Sumo is having a ball playing with everything. His tubby body shakes around as he leaps after random decorations. It’s adorable how much kitties love Christmas.

I love my car’s Sirius XM radio at this time of year, especially, because of the Holiday Traditions classics station that pops up this time of year. There is also an XM station called Holly that plays holiday pop songs, but I usually prefer to avoid that one. Two Christmas seasons in a row of listening to awful 24-7 holiday “hits” like “The Christmas Shoes”, “Christmas in America” and “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” while trapped behind a returns desk will do that to ya.

Blog posts have been few and far between since I started working on NaNoWriMo, but I have tons of ones I’ll be finishing soon. Upcoming subjects include: Luxembourg, Omaha, Germany, Amsterdam, a new and very scary Place Unseen, the first of the 30 Things, the first of several entries on Arlington County’s “Walkabouts” self-guided tour program, my trip back through all the books I was required to read in school, and some fitness and nutrition program reviews!

Next planned trip is to Seaside, Florida in January! My cousin’s getting married!


One response to “It’s the Holiday Season

  1. The Thanksgiving food was incredible this year. Too bad you didn’t sneak home some leftovers.
    Also, I wish Jordan had told you his Black Friday story while he was up here. It’s hilarious.

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