NaNoWriMo, Day 12

Something awful happened today! Let’s set it up with some nice foreshadowing, shall we? I’ll go all Hitchcock-style and fill you with that terrible sense of dread because you can see what’s coming. I was sitting on my couch last night hammering away on my keyboard, and I thought, “You know, I should really back up this novel. I haven’t saved an extra copy since the 8th. Naaaah, I’ll just get my flash drive out and do that a little later this week.” So can you guess what happened today? Huh huh can ya?

“I’m clumsier than Bella Swan,” I spat at my friend over the phone a couple of hours ago, bawling hysterically because I had just knocked milk and cereal into my keys and watched the computer short out. “I should have played her in the movie for lord’s sake!” Only a tragedy of proportions like this could inspire me to reference Twilight of all things, of which I’m not even that big of a fan! But sadly, this is not the first time in my 29 years a thing like this has occurred. At least three other keyboards – two of the QWERTY persuasion and one a very nice and pretty new Yamaha – have suffered under the wrath of my drink droppin’ fingers. GAH! It doesn’t help that the computer in question was my work comp. I’m not concerned about my work documents because of course all of those were backed up in full force.

Not to worry. The lovely computer tech assured me that the hard drive is bone dry. But it will just take some time for me to get it back. I won’t feel 100 percent better until I can verify with my own eyes that the tens of thousands of words I’ve written since the 8th are still intact. In the meantime, I have a gigantic loaner laptop to work with. And I realized how important this novel really is to me. I might hate losing things and I might be more sensitive than many people, but I’m not one to cry over spilled milk (literally in this case, hardy har!). When a .zip disk that contained a large amount of my writing vanished somehow during a move between apartments some years back, I was sad, but I got over it. But today, the mere prospect of losing a few chapters made me burst into tears! That might be the first time a computer has ever made me cry! Maybe I should try to get an agent or something and see about publishing this tome after all!

Back up your documents, kids. Back up your documents.


5 responses to “NaNoWriMo, Day 12

  1. oh NO! Aargh! Sounds like there’s at least a ray of hope though. I’ll be anxious too until you know for sure that you’ve got it back!

  2. done that. dumped a glass of wine on the laptop and BOOM!

  3. Yow. Hope you get it recovered. Good luck sweetie…

  4. Wow. Just remembered. Need to back up. Back up NOW!

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