NaNoWriMo, Day 2

I feel better about my progress today! That’s probably because I devoted several hours this evening to working on that novel. I’ve added way more words since then, and I’m feelin’ sassy. But it’s easier for me to write when I know what I want to say, and for the most part, I do – sort of. I’m making a lot of it up as I go along, and there are some things that I need to do research on, and of course there are parts I know desperately need editing, but – hey! NaNoWriMo isn’t a month for editing, it’s a month for creating. Leap now, think about it after you hit the ground, right?

I have to say the whole idea of NaNoWriMo itself is motivating to me. Knowing what I write doesn’t have to adhere to any major standards, it just has to be written, is somewhat tough but I feel rejuvenated all the same. And, the site recommended that we participants tell everyone we knew that we were doing this, so that we’d feel too sheepish to abandon the idea later. While most people I told about it didn’t seem to care one way or the other, the fact that I took the time to tell them means I would then feel kind of odd if I did drop it. And then there’s THIS:

Two days behind schedule, you say?

Those were my stats after two days! Look at that “behind schedule” mess right there! Wow, way to make me feel guilty NaNoWriMo! Whoever made that graphic is smart. I won’t lie – I was spurred on to beat that word count! I need that kind of graph for stuff like cleaning, laundry, chores, getting up before noon on weekends, and things like that. It got me fired up. I’ll show you, would-be humiliating graph …

(The word count will update, but the stats won't, for the moment.)

Fun fact: Sara Gruen’s New York Times bestseller Water for Elephants was a NaNoWriMo novel.


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