The Halloween Countdown: Decorating Our Home

October means it’s time to get out the Halloween decorations! Or, in our case, September means it’s time to get out the Halloween decorations. (We get enthusiastic early.) Eric is very blessed in the creativity department, so on one of his rare non-exhausted days off, he began catching up on long overdue artwork. When evening came, he took a break from his Wacom electronic sketch pad to mess around with some old props given to him by his last employer, Joe Devers of Just Outrageous Events, Inc. (JOE). (See the website for this incredibly creative and experienced floral event/event drapery company here: Just Outrageous Events.) Here’s what Eric came up with in no time flat:

Eric's shrine to Halloween

The images on the ceiling and wall are homemade creations Eric set up himself. At the bottom, Eric used a tiki vase from JOE as the base. He cut out pumpkin and ghost stencils from orange construction paper and made them stand up from the base with tape and pieces of bent clothes hanger. At the back, he attached a little flashlight of mine so that it shone through the stencils, projecting the images on the wall.

A flashlight taped behind a couple of homemade stencils makes these cool images on the wall.

An adjustable projector light from JOE shines on the walls, ceiling, or anywhere else we want it to go. (Warning: these types of lights get very hot very fast.) Eric cut out a mean jack-o-lantern face from red paper and pasted it over the light, then pointed it straight up at the ceiling.


In the middle of the display is an old-style haunted house decoration, one of a few I bought in a pack from our local Giant a year ago. The lights on the surrounding strings are shaped like skulls and jack-o-lanterns.

These Halloween jack-o-lantern lights are from Target.

We hung a “Happy Hauntings” sign from CVS on the outside of our door, and added a re-usable grocery/trick-or-treat bag on the inside.

Trick-or-treat bag from Giant supermarket.

One of my favorite decorations is the “Coffin Mister” I bought a couple of years ago. The coffin’s lid is hinged, and a skeleton sculpture creeps out at you. Fill lines carved inside direct the amount of water needed; flipping the switch activates the fogger and color-changing lights (included in the set). With all other lights off, the sight of the mist pouring out around the skeleton’s expression is very spooky. The Mister comes with a small circle mat to place under it, which does a shoddy job of protecting your fine mahogany, so be forewarned. We place ours on an old coffee table someone threw out at my building that I don’t really give a rip about, and routinely find puddles of water gathered way past the “protective” mat’s borders, and under it too! Also, if you have young children, be aware that the Mister was made with lead paint.

Check your local Target for this coffin mister.

A more child-friendly decoration is this light-up ghost from the Avon catalog! I doubt this particular decoration is still available, but you can find many like him. He turns on and off with a switch and has lasted seven years so far (probably because I take the batteries out before storing each year).

Glowing Ghost, Avon catalog, circa October 2003.

This jack-o-lantern, also provided by Just Outrageous Events, lights up when plugged in. Our cat Domino just loves this guy and lays right in front of his face whenever we turn him on. I’m guessing his lights feel warm on her fur.

Another great Halloween prop from Just Outrageous Events!

Check your local supermarket for Halloween-themed tissues, paper towels, and foaming hand soap.

Softsoap Halloween foaming soap with a glow-in-the-dark label!

Target takes a good portion of cash from me each year with their line of scary socks, throw blankets, pillows, dishware, and stuffed animals.

Just a few of the themed pillows on the couch, all purchased from Target.

Ebay is always a good place to search for unique treasures.

Vintage Garfield Halloween mug, circa late 1980s, purchased from an Ebay seller.

Sumo patiently tolerates dressing as Count Fatula each Halloween with a small doggie costume I bought him. This year, Eric made him a matching vampire coffin for him to sleep in. Eric used cardboard boxes to make the shape and then wrapped them with a black plastic garbage bag. A bit of organic catnip sprinkled inside enticed the vampire kitty to take a closer look. Unfortunately, he was still too wired for pictures and wouldn’t hold still long enough for me to take a good shot!

Count Fatula checks out his new sleeping box.

A bit too small? No worries for this cat. He will cram himself into anything. (Domino's spots can be seen on the left)

We have plenty of other Halloween decorations, including scented candles, vintage postcards, and picture frames, and a flashing pumpkin flashlight. And this year, we’re making Sumo a mummy outfit!


4 responses to “The Halloween Countdown: Decorating Our Home

  1. Those pillows are AWESOME!

    • I love those 🙂 They’re all from Target; the green monster one was there last year and the ghost and pumpkin are from 2007. This year they have a BIG jack-o-lantern pillow and a different ghost pillow. (I got the second one)

  2. That is all so cool! You all should have a party.

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