The Halloween Countdown: Halloween Candy

I purchased this darling cookie jar from the Cracker Barrel a couple of months ago:

If Sumo was a cookie jar ...

So of course we filled it with Halloween candy, like this:


…and now I don’t want to go anywhere near a scale. I wish Eric would just devour it all. Sure it would be disappointing, but at least I wouldn’t have to wrestle with my willpower every time I pass the mummy kitty’s sweet begging expression. “Ohhh, I’m so full … won’t you help me deflate a little?” he pleads. “Come on, one little Reese’s pumpkin won’t hurt you. Ohhhh, I just feel so heavy! … What’s that? You want more? Oh, you’re so kind ma’am …”

Anyway, here’s some of the tasty candy we got. Seriously, I look forward to shopping for Halloween candy every year. It wouldn’t be a big deal to keep it in the house if I could just eat a piece or two a day! We were unable to find our perennial favorite, Monster Munny, anywhere and I’m afraid to keep looking. If we do find it, it will die an unseemly death! I still can’t forgive my last employer for insisting upon putting out a fresh bag of candy right near my desk every few days, right as I was celebrating successfully losing 40 pounds of post-college beer weight.

Look for:

Butterfinger pumpkins. These are seriously the most delicious thing going in the candy aisle. You get a smaller palm-sized milk chocolate jack-o-lantern with those buttery, crunchy bits scattered inside. Given the nature of the product, there’s far more chocolate then you’d find covering a regular Butterfinger bar. It’s soft and heavenly, and the butterfinger bits are a pleasant surprise here and there. NOM. To my great shock, these were the first to vanish out of the mummy jar.

Reese’s dark chocolate peanut butter pumpkins. These little guys are very deadly for anyone on a diet. If you don’t care, then have at it. Delicious lumps of peanut butter covered in a thin shell of dark chocolate. Now, honestly, I have a hard time differentiating between milk and dark chocolate when I’m chowing on a Reese’s. I think it’s because a) there’s so little of it and b) the peanut butter is the real prize, anyway!

Hershey’s mini-bars. Essentially just little milk chocolate or cookies ‘n’ cream (white chocolate) bars with gravestones on them, these are quick and easy to eat nonetheless. I love to dip one in my hot tea. Hershey’s also used to put out a milk chocolate ghost, but I haven’t seen him in some time.

Hershey’s seasonal kisses. Over the last few years, Hershey’s has put out a whole slew of different flavored Kisses. There’s been everything from cherry cordial to mint to eggnog flavors. For Halloween, there are at least three varieties: candy corn (ehhhhh), caramel apple (not bad, but overly sweet), and the ridiculously yummy pumpkin spice! That last one gives you a light orange colored kiss with melty, gooey, slightly spicy goodness on the inside.

If you are having difficulty finding any of these, check your local Target. And if you’re looking for a somewhat healthier option, crack open a bag of ginger snap cookies and a block of sharp cheddar cheese; put together and eat. It’s surprisingly delicious. Kudos to my friend Seth for introducing us to that idea several years ago!

What are your favorite foods to eat at Halloween?


One response to “The Halloween Countdown: Halloween Candy

  1. Makes me want to make a quick trip to the store to get some CANDY!! You make it sound so tempting; the health folks should put you in jail for making everyone obese!! whew! I guess on the other hand its a chance to work on our ability to resist temptation!!! Yay! (Mom adn I will go to the store tomorrow to get ready for our own test!! ). We actually usually do pretty good.

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