Welcome to October!

October is here! That was fast, wasn’t it? I could’ve sworn summer was JUST here. I guess taking our beach vacation later than usual has let my subconscious rather confused! But I just love the onset of fall, largely because I know Halloween is coming. The leaves are going to turn soon, and people are decorating their houses for the season. Eric and I really enjoy taking after-dinner walks around the neighborhood and seeing all the spooky creativity the homeowners have come up with. There’s always a couple of houses that go all out to lure in trick-or-treaters. I remember being scared out of my gourd by such creativity as a kid. I can’t wait to own a house one day so I can do something terrifying with it to get the kids good, like string up one of those ghosts that flies across the yard when someone approaches. Heh heh heh. Anyway, you can expect a lot of Halloween-related posts from me this month!

October is shaping up to be such a busy month. I’m headed to Luray soon for a friend’s wedding, then later in the month I’m going to visit an old friend in Lynchburg, and maybe take a day trip to Blacksburg if we have time!


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