Summer’s Still Here

Summer isn’t gone yet, but it’s winding on down. The carnival packed up and left town, the hot days have given way to a slight chill in the air, and, saddest of all, the pools are closed! How heartbreaking to come home yesterday past closing time to see all the chairs and chaise lounges stacked up to one side. You might think that’s melodramatic – it’s not like it won’t be there next summer, after all – but the smell of chlorine is one of my favorite scents of the season.

I had a great holiday weekend. Friday, I headed to Herndon Green to watch some bands play, including our buddy Steve’s band Go, who tore it up by the way. They were awesome and kept up the energy the whole time. Steve also took vocals on a killer Hendrix cover; he has a very strong voice. We were impressed and glad we came out. But honestly, it was nice to hang out on a blanket in the grass listening to music, drinking beer (Bud and Bud Light only, but hey, whatever) and watching planes fly overhead, and then stop sitting still once Steve’s band came out. And on the way over, traffic was pretty fast all the way to Herndon which was a miracle for the Friday before Labor Day. Usually everyone around here tears out of D.C. the first chance they get and clog the highways for miles around. It’s so weird how I find myself saying that affectionately.

My sister also came to visit this weekend so that we could have a spa day on Saturday! She bought us guest passes to Spa World for my birthday. Spa World is a huge Korean spa in Centreville that I had never heard of before, but would love to spend more time in. It was one of the most relaxing days in my life and I’m so thankful to my sister for this awesome present. I’ll make a separate post with all the details on that later.

I woke up super late Sunday but managed to make it to Fredericksburg with Eric. We had gotten the idea with our friends Robyn and Derrick to go tubing on the Rappahannock River. The only thing was that none of us had ever done any real tubing down the river rapids. So they purchased four inner tubes from a local tire company and then we headed over to a canoe shop to ask someone what to do and where to begin. The river was very, very low that day, so we ultimately went out to the Motts Run Landing area of the Rappahannock River where we just floated in the tubes and splashed around in the shallow water. We saw a cute little garter snake swimming through the muck. After we’d had enough, we headed back to their house for showers and some ridiculously yummy basil burgers they grilled up and then played cards and drank beer for the rest of the evening. Always a good time with them!

And, sadly, yesterday was the last day that the pools around here were open. I went out to our pool for a couple of hours with Eric. The water was cold – I think Spa World spoiled me with their giant sauna baths – but we hung out in it for a good while anyway. All the regulars were there and I pretended to sun myself nearby while listening in on all their gossip. I love this building. That evening was the Hokies season opener vs. Boise State University. We started off shaky, especially with our younger and less experienced defense, but you know what? Suddenly we got a handle on ourselves and we started racking up points and giving BSU a run for their money. They looked terrified at the undeniable noise that the Hokie crowd brings. They say that Lane Stadium is one of the most intimidating places to play college football for a reason, folks – now add that crowd and then some to the monstrosity of FedEx Field! There were some truly incredible plays and BSU started messing up like crazy. It seemed a sure thing that we would walk away victorious, but then within the last minute and a half, the Broncos suddenly came back with a touchdown and beat us 33-30. Well, I think every other team in the ACC is now terrified to play us after the performance we put in! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we have one of the best defenses you will find anywhere in college football. And that’s just one of the many many reasons why I’m so proud to be a Tech alumna! HOKIES FOR LIFE!


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