Weekend Notes

Here comes the weekend! Today was one of my Fridays off – my work schedule allows me to take off every other Friday – so mine officially started last night.

Keep an eye out for the Perseid Meteor Shower tonight! Despite growing up with a love of astronomy – thanks to my father – I somehow always miss this without fail every year! I’m headed to a friend’s house tonight out in the country to try and check it out. Let’s hope for clear skies. You’re supposed to be able to begin viewing meteors staring at 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time, but the best viewing should be around midnight to pre-dawn hours. I’m very excited. Some of the highlights of my childhood were looking for stars out of a telescope at Caledon Natural Area in King George, and viewing the eclipse with my family from the backyard or just down our road. It’s so dark out there that the viewing is perfect!

On a very sad note, my aunt’s beloved canine companion of 14 years passed away earlier this week. Diva, a gorgeous Pembroke Welsh Corgi, was a very special member of our family. I will have a tribute up to her in a few days with some pictures and favorite memories. Thanks to my Aunt Vinson for providing me with a wealth of information, breeding history, stories, and pictures to include, and to my sister for sharing some great photos of Diva at Emerald Isle in 2007. I am looking forward to sharing how Diva’s incredible life touched so many people and animals. We were all blessed to know her!


One response to “Weekend Notes

  1. good luck on seeing the meteors tonight; its sort of cloudy out.

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