Minh’s Vietnamese

Every so often, I eat dinner at Minh’s Vietnamese in Arlington (2500 Wilson Boulevard) with my family. If you are looking for a delicious dining experience with ambiance then I highly recommend this place. The interior is spacious and beautiful – even the menus are pleasant to look at, with hard covers and rough cloth-like pages. The servers are always very friendly and helpful.

This last visit, we had shrimp cakes for our appetizer which we dipped in a fish sauce. I had a light Vietnamese beer called 33 which met with my approval. I ordered the lemongrass beef over broken rice. Broken rice is pretty sticky so it was easy for me to eat it with my chopsticks. Mmmmm. For dessert, we all ordered ice cream (except for my lovely aunt who just sampled some of ours) and I also ordered Vietnamese black coffee.

I saw this “Kids Bear” ice cream on the menu: a big blob of chocolate sherbet with a bear face and ears on the front. I thought it was so cute, so I asked Eric to order it, and he obliged! I think they left the ears off though. The waitress teased him and asked if he was old enough to order it and should she check his ID. Hehe!

Eric with the Kids Bear!

My dad's coconut sherbet served in a coconut shell.

My rich chocolate sherbet served in a cacao shell!

The Vietnamese coffee was neat; it was served with a little drip filter on the top of the mug, which is filled with sweetened condensed milk. After it finishes dripping, you just remove the filter and stir it up. Our waiter told me it looked like I wouldn’t be getting any sleep that night, but this definitely did not keep me up. In fact, I felt like I was going to pass out at the table soon after I started drinking it! I’m thinking it was the milk that did it!

Vietnamese coffee with drip filter on top. Very tasty!

The last time that I was here, I ordered something called “soda with plum” which turned out to be club soda with salt added and a plum dropped in it. I can’t say that was pleasant for me to drink, but at least I can say I tried it!


One response to “Minh’s Vietnamese

  1. It was a fun evening.. food was great!

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