Trips This Month

Traveling to the Orlando area tomorrow for a long weekend away! I will be visiting a friend’s parents and they have all kinds of cool things planned, including a swim with wild manatees. MANATEES! They are the sweetest – my friend’s parents, not manatees, although I understand they are also sweet. The idea of swimming with these gentle giants is getting me through the rest of this short week. In fact, while watching an especially cringe-inducing scene of The Tudors last night (just finished season 2), I kept consoling myself with the same mantra: “Manatees manatees manatees …”

At the end of the month (my birthday!), I’m driving to Bowling Green, Ohio, to help another friend move from Blacksburg. Having been to Ohio only once before, and that time being very brief, I’m excited to make this road trip. We’re concentrating on mapping out the best possible route – anyone have any tips for heading that way? It looks like we have many tolls to look forward to paying! My friend will be living just an hour or two from the Canadian border, and we have discussed the possibility of traveling to Canada on future visits. (We probably won’t have much time this trip, as we will be busy exploring the town and getting her moved and settled in.) By the way, I highly recommend Roadside America for any road trips you might take in the States. You will find all kinds of oddities and funky stops that you might have passed right by otherwise!


One response to “Trips This Month

  1. Manatees are pretty neat. I’ve seen talks about them at the Sierra Club and Green Drinks. Sounds like a fun trip to Bowling Green!

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