Arlington County is one place I always enjoyed visiting, but never expected to live. I grew up in the country, I went to college in the country, and I just didn’t have any plans to ever live in an urban or even suburban area. Sure, King George County is often called the suburbs, but anyone who’s been there will understand that it is the country.

In college, many of my friends and I would always laugh at the idea of moving to Northern Virginia. It was crowded, with bad traffic and too much noise. In fact, after I finished school I initially looked for jobs near the beach strip of Delaware! But the older we got, the clearer it became that the city is where the jobs are. Suddenly, the idea of coming to the D.C. metro area was very appealing. Now here I am, and yes – I’m a country chick at heart, but a bonafide Arlingtonian as well. And I don’t have any plans to change that anytime soon. I love where I live; I’ve made it my own.

Arlington amuses me at times in the way that many things I genuinely love amuse me. It’s urban, but it feels smaller and smaller the longer I live here. Even the towering skylines I can see in all directions from my balcony feel like just small town to me. I don’t know why. Maybe these notes from a recent outing can explain.

Eric and I went to run some errands on Columbia Pike, known as South Arlington’s original “Main Street” and currently undergoing some construction. As we drove past the Arlington Cinema ‘n’ Drafthouse, we saw a man in handcuffs on the sidewalk outside Maruko Sushi. Three police officers stood around him, looking bored and clearly waiting for someone to come get the accused. Not two minutes later, after picking up some fruit salads from McDonald’s, we headed down a side street where we saw a woman come charging out of her house at the speed of light. A moment later, we saw what she was after: a brown bunny! The woman’s face was enraged as she chased the rabbit out of her garden and across the street, where he hopped into someone else’s yard. I guess he was munching on some of her vegetables. Just another day in Arlington: an alleged criminal being chased down on one street, an alleged carrot-stealer on the next.

We also saw a mama bird teaching her fledgling to fly in the rooftop garden’s lawn the other day. Always a pretty cool thing to see if you get a chance. Eventually the birds took a break from the flying lesson for a lunch break. Which is what I’m doing right now, and sadly, it’s almost over 😦

I just want to add that our two cats are the most ridiculously pampered and spoiled creatures I have ever seen in my life. And right now they are both super lazy.

Skydiving post coming up next. I know, I’m such a procrastinator.


5 responses to “Arlington

  1. Have you ever been to the Arlington Cinema ‘n’ Drafthouse? I went through a phase where I really wanted to go, but I never made it down there. I want to see something from my childhood like Turtles, Goonies, or even Terminator 2.

    • Yes, I’ve been there many a time, although not in a while. It’s a couple blocks down from my building. I love it. They have a decent selection of beer and plenty of typical grill food, and comfortable seating and tables. They showed Office Space there not long ago and had an Office Space festival thang and I missed it 😦

    • ….They also used to show all the Tech games there which was awesome, but they stopped doing that a year or two ago.

  2. I love Arlington; I really miss living there!

    Aw, you have a Chairman Meow thing on your sidebar! I love him. I have a Chairman Meow button!

  3. I love Arlington too! It’s a nice relatively progressive, fiscally conscious, well-run, and well-developed county. Arlington’s leaders were so smart and forward-thinking to insist that the metro be run under Wilson Blvd instead of going along 66. That has resulted in such nice urban areas from Rosslyn to Ballston. I particularly love my neighborhood with its beautiful old trees, flowers, courtyards, and sequestered feeling, yet within walking distance of DC, 2 metro stations, movie theatres, Whole Foods, Apple, and lots of great restaurants and other shops. Arlington has lots of great trails too! Now, if it just had a charming historic downtown….

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