Back from Omaha

I’m back from a weekend in Omaha to attend my graduation ceremony, even though I don’t officially graduate for at least another two weeks. In fact, even though I just flew in a few hours ago, I’m buried deep in schoolwork right now. To say that I am ready to be done with this mess is an understatement. Right now I’m working on something very simple called a Pareto diagram. But just looking at the bars on the diagram makes me want to clunk my head on the desk over and over again.

I thought Nebraska was a beautiful state with some very friendly people and lots of wide open sky. It’s the perfect haven for someone tired of city life. My family and I were very pleasantly surprised by it. It was a mostly great mini-vacation. I’m sad to say my graduation ceremony’s commencement speaker completely hijacked a good hour or so of our time with a long rambling speech about his political beliefs, peppered with plenty of bragging about how rich he is. I wish people would understand that there is a time and a place for things like that. A day that is supposed to be about the culmination of two to four years’ hard work is not it, buddy. Well, enough about that guy! I’ll have an entry about the wonderful state of Nebraska (and Iowa, which I glimpsed only briefly) up soon, and by “soon” I mean “whenever I’m not feeling totally burnt out.”

Given that 70 percent of the food I ate this weekend was of the fried, dipped, cheesey, very bad-for-you variety, I don’t feel so hot. I’ve gotten so used to eating mostly healthy food with more of a focus on fruits and vegetables (or at least I try). But now, when I eat too much stuff that’s high in salt, saturated fat, and sugar, I just feel flat-out bad afterwards. A greasy pizza once or twice a week is great, but every day? Ugggggh.

I know I was supposed to have a skydiving post up last week. I do have it all written out; I’ve just been positively slammed with work and school and haven’t felt like taking the minimal extra time to just insert the photos in the post and put it up. I will soon, I swear (probably way before the Omaha post). I hate being this busy. There are times I honestly believe I’m one of maybe three people in this whole area who doesn’t thrive on moving at a breakneck speed 24-7.


5 responses to “Back from Omaha

  1. A great trip. Looking forward to getting back to Omaha and Nebraska and doing some more exploring.

  2. Ooh. Happy graduation!!

  3. Aw, thanks! 🙂 That’s always really nice to hear. Always love being added to a new blog roll!

  4. I had a wonderful time too! It was just great to spend a few days with family and a close family friend in a beautiful hotel (loved the inside streams and ponds!) located in a very nicely redone historic area in a beautiful, wide-open state — and with a great zoo! What made it perfect was seeing my precious niece getting her hard-earned master’s degree! I was so proud and happy. Even that uninformed speaker taking advantage of a captive audience to proselytize couldn’t ruin it for me (and that’s saying something, because I was so annoyed I had to walk out on his speech!).

    I am really enjoying your blog. I check it every day — I love seeing your writing develop its own voice and I love your eye for detail and characterization! You write with a lot of spunk, too, which is great. And, everything flows.

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