Now Everything Has Changed

It’s a really beautiful day out. I have my tea and am staring out the window at the swimming pool with longing! Eric and I went and floated around in it on Sunday when we got home from Ridgely. I spent yesterday at a friend’s pool cooking some most delicious Johnsonville Beef Hot Links (slightly spicy and very juicy – eat one now!) and playing catch with some of her neighbors. I brought four different types of sunscreens with me (that’s right, four!) and successfully avoided sunburn although my shoulders tanned.

We also got some new furniture from Eric’s boss, Joe, who is moving his studio. (The cats are totally convinced that the furniture is for them and have taken it over. Domino is sprawled upside down across MY ergonomic chair, and Sumo has been giving himself a tour of the two giant bookcases. I can tell he is gaining weight because he broke a drawer by leaping onto it. Thankfully, it was a cinch for me to fix it.) Eric’s boss is an unbelievably kind, generous, and talented man. He is the only person I think Eric has truly enjoyed working for. People like that are true gems – treasure them when you find them.

All I can think about is: When can I go on my next skydive? The world just seems different now that I have done such a thing. I don’t feel reckless, just … appreciative. The world feels different after you have seen it from 10,000 feet up in the sky … and not from a plane. I have the entry for the skydive and another post ready to go once I insert some photos. For now, gotta get back to work!


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