I Can’t Wait To Get On The Road Again …

I’ve gradually been adding things to the blog. I changed the way my categories are listed, added a search widget so you can search for specific entries, linked to my Twitter (which I have been using more ever since my sister wanted to know why I started tweeting … haha!), and added a list of blogs I read.

I’ve added more content to the two other pages of this blog, the links to which show at the bottom of the header graphic at the top. The first link is a glorified “About” page. The other is a list of places I have been .. some of them. I’ve taken a lot of road trips in my lifetime and I know I’ve left off many places. When I have a chance to review my old diaries/journals (which I’ve kept since I was six), I can fill in the blanks. States that I know are missing many places are: Alabama, Georgia, Colorado, Arizona, and of course, Virginia. I’m also fairly certain I am missing one Dutch village from my Netherlands list.

My next trip is to Omaha for my master’s graduation ceremony, in about a month. Having never been to Nebraska (and having pre-emptively listed the state on my Places list), I am excited. This is true even though many have told me there isn’t anything to do there! We all know they have great steak and there’s also a huge zoo there I can’t wait to visit!

I’ve been thinking a great deal about those parts of America that I have yet to see. Hawaii and Alaska have been on my mind frequently, as have Maine and Rhode Island. And three specific cities that immediately come to mind are Boston, Chicago, and Seattle. I’ve been in the Chicago airport a few times – and sampled some deep-dish pizza – but that obviously isn’t the real experience. I would greatly appreciate seeing more of this city. A final dream trip would be to follow the original Route 66 all the way from beginning to end (as much as it’s possible to do so these days, that is).

What are your must-see American cities? What cities have you already seen that you would recommend to anyone?


4 responses to “I Can’t Wait To Get On The Road Again …

  1. The band 311 is from Omaha!

    I’ll be in Nashville next week and I’m pretty excited about that!

  2. I like Nebraska. I’ve been through Omaha and Bellvue quite a few times. I remember a nice steak/BBQ place next to a hotel called “The White House”, but last time I went through there, I couldn’t find either.

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