Carpenter Bees!

The springy warm weather is peaking around here, and that means it’s time for CARPENTER BEES! These are big black fuzzy bees that annoy homeowners by drilling holes into wood structures to lay their eggs. They occasionally smack against windows and can make quite a racket.

It wasn’t unusual to see these winged creatures buzzing around the top of our house in King George, just under the roof. When they weren’t up there, sometimes they were buzzing right next to our ears. The thing that probably fascinated me the most about these bees was that they have no stinger – the male ones, that is. The females do, but they are not super aggressive. Like many insects, carpenter bees won’t hurt you unless you’re harassing them or their nests, at which point you can expect Mama Bee to come after you.

When I did a Google search on carpenter bees, I came across multiple pages spotlighting them as pests with recommendations on how to kill them off. This made me a bit sad as I have such fond memories of them, but I suppose that’s the naive renter in me speaking. Perhaps I’ll be more annoyed when I own a house. In the meantime, I’m going to sit in the rose trellis in our building’s rose garden and enjoy watching the bees buzz right next to me.


7 responses to “Carpenter Bees!

  1. I understand completely! I don’t like to kill insects either, but I even more don’t want them inside with me. I had a terrible wasp problem a few years ago when wasps got into the exterior brick walls of my apartment and then into my apartment. There were hundreds and hundreds of them that ended up dead in my apartment. It was awful!

  2. Aw, carpenter bees! They sound cute! I do remember them buzzing around our house. Maybe we’ll see some when we’re there on the 22nd!

  3. I didn’t know you tweeted… how come you don’t also post that stuff on Facebook? You should, since I DON’T tweet. There’s an app you can get for that, you know!

  4. I don’t tweet either, I don’t think my old phone is very easy to do tweets with the telephone key pad. Carpenter bees.. I think we’ve got some carpenter bolls in one of our trees. I tree guy is supposed to come out and treat it.

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