What’s Under the Bed?

People who know me personally are well aware I’m not the neatest person in the world. Now I clean fairly often, and so does Eric, but I just have a lot of random stuff that sometimes winds up on the floor (usually clothes).

I’ve just spent part of my lunch break pulling some stuff out from the depths of my bed. Here’s what I found, and uh, you can kind of see how often I actually rummage around under there:

-Empty medicine bottle from when I was stricken with H1N1 last May
-Winter glove (where’s the other one?) and hat
-2008 Kliban cat wall calendar
-One of Domino’s favorite fuzzy mice
-Halloween-themed books that Eric and I had been reading together last October
-Northrop Grumman pay stub from April 2008
-Empty travel journal with a retro theme. I wanted to use it last August and last November, but I couldn’t find it!
-Reproduction vintage Reese’s peanut butter cup tin
-Washington Nationals baseball cap
-Old notebook of doodles and writing
-Envelope stuffed full of receipts, momentos, tickets, etc. I like to save these so I can remember where I went and what I did when I update my travel journals later. Clearly, I’m way behind – there is a sticker in here from a Paris nightclub I went to over 4 years ago.
-Copper Canyon Grill customer survey from Gavin’s birthday dinner. Fill it out and get a $10 gift card! I didn’t fill it out.
-My old Discman (from 1996), which works fine even though it has a big crack across the screen. I’m pretty old school when it comes to music because I find the sound quality of a CD preferable to that of an mp3. In fact, I’ve never owned an mp3 player in my life and don’t have any plans to. (Eric’s gone through several however!)
-A blue yo-yo with “Yo” on the front from PriceWaterhouseCoopers. I’m guessing this is from last November’s HeartWalk.
-orange ink pen with no cap 😦
-Holiday Inn mint lotion from a 2008 trip
-Embassy Suites notepad with a list of things to do for the week. I even planned out my outfits for the office – something I rarely do. The list has “Help Robyn move” and “Give lunch presentation” on it, among other things, so I guess it’s from last October.
-One black-and-white lazy housecat

I think the dining survey offer (which expired well over a month ago) gets the award for being the most recent item that *I* discarded under the bed. There’s far more stuff, but this post is starting to get embarrassing. Don’t worry, I don’t treat my valuables like this!

Maybe I should de-clutter more often.


One response to “What’s Under the Bed?

  1. if you figure out how to declutter, let me know! I’m really bad too. Must be a Lynch thing.

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