Me So Tired

I meant to have my post about the second day in Dublin up sooner than this, but this week has drained me of most of my energy. We hosted a large seminar this week for work which required a drastic change in schedule for me. School is also extremely demanding as I prepare to (hopefully) successfully earn my MS and then my PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. And, I’m afraid working at home has spoiled me far more than I realized. Getting up at 5 A.M. four mornings in a row required a complete adjustment of my slumber schedule that I wasn’t used to and really threw me for a loop. Needless to say, copious amounts of coffee were involved, as were different natural and over-the-counter sleep aids when I couldn’t manage to pass out at 9 p.m. (Lights Out sleep supplement gave me a nightmare that I woke up in a sweat from.) At the seminar itself, I spent most of my time stuck in a small room guarding assets and helping staff. Eric was sweet enough to drive me to and from the seminar (in horrid traffic) every day just so I wouldn’t have to fool with $12 valet parking fees and the overcrowded garages in that particular commercial area (which is a bit far from a Metro). On the first day out there, Eric came back for lunch to drive me a few miles over to Deli for the Belly (on Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria), where he and his boss often grab a bite. (Yes, that makes three times in one day that Eric drove to and from the hotel, just for me.) The second day I grabbed some Quizno’s with a coworker, and these last two I went ahead and pre-ordered the $10 bagged lunch offered at the hotel, which I’m sorry to say was a total rip-off (albeit delicious). I like to think the extra dough helped out someone’s small business, or something. Who knows.

I just want to pass out right now. I didn’t work out (much) on Monday and Tuesday but worked in a pretty decent session yesterday. I’m pleased to say I am making progress on my pull-ups – I still can’t do one, but I can definitely go up farther now.

I promise I’ll get the next Dublin entry up soon. In the meantime, good thoughts for my friend Crystal (my fellow culprit in the aforementioned moving sidewalk incident), who is recovering from surgery right now. She’ll be alright in the end. She’s really, really tough. 🙂

Oh yeah – there are two mallard ducks living in the swimming pool at the moment, which hasn’t been cleaned out yet for summer. They are a male and female who paddle around all day. I hope they aren’t planning on having some ducklings around there. In other animal news, Domino has also spotted the neighbor’s cat on the balcony next door, and they peer at each other – the other cat (a fluffy black longhair) from under the balcony partition, Domino from behind our screen door. (Our cats aren’t allowed on the balcony.) The kitties also met a bird today who, according to Eric, flew onto the balcony rail and chirped at them for a while as they sat there staring. Sumo mewed with disappointment when the bird flew away. I’d say it was a pretty good sixth birthday for our sweet kitty, Domino, especially because Eric was home to spend it with her! She follows him around everywhere and has taken over his favorite computer chair. When he wants to work on his art and walks toward the chair, Domino dashes forward to beat him to the punch, every time. She flops onto the chair and is completely unfazed when he goes ahead and starts to sit down on her. So he can ultimately sit on only half of the chair because Domino just won’t move all the way out of it. So he sits for hours drawing with a happily purring cat wedged between his back and the chair. It’s terribly annoying for Eric, but he puts up with it. We might pay the rent on this place, but now you know who REALLY runs it.


2 responses to “Me So Tired

  1. Hope you’re getting a good night’s sleep (Mom says it sounds like you deserve it!). Tomorrow is Friday!! Yay! Love ya. Dad…

  2. Yay, and of course, happy birthday to Domino!

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