Ramble On

I’m pretty certain I just finished up my Quantitative Analysis class with an A. I had some missteps here and there, but overall, a good run. I can’t recall the last time I made a final grade of A in a math class, but it definitely wasn’t any time within the last 14 years. This time around, I was surprised to find myself having fun with equations that used to scare me in college-level calculus. I mean, math is really just a series of puzzles to figure out (which is why my sister professes enjoyment of it as well). Not how I’d typically choose to spend my evenings, but the ease with which I was able to work through most problems was a relief. My professor was positively delighted when I shared these thoughts with him. Even a three-part equation with a multitude of insane symbols that took me far too long to work through was interesting at worst. I used to hate math. Now I’m guessing I should’ve just applied myself and quit goofing off, and it would’ve been cake in the end.

I’m on my final two courses which have the potential to be brutal. One class alone requires three very expensive textbooks which are going to break my bank. I rented one from Chegg and I suppose I’ll do the same with the others. Once I finish these classes, I will be prepped and ready to go to begin studying for my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Now, in one class alone, we have an Excel sheet analysis, a short one-page paper, a charter to prepare with a group, another, larger introductory analysis paper, a one page journal explaining how I would apply all of these principles to my work, and, oh yeah, a 60-minute timed exam. This is all within the FIRST week alone, and for just ONE class, and in addition to working on my overall final research for the degree. I feel like that is kind of a lot. Heh. I am hoping to keep up my current grade average which is a 3.9.

I went ahead and bought into the Glowelle beauty drink mix craze. I did notice big changes in my skin. I almost wish I hadn’t so that I wouldn’t feel the need to continue spending $89 on this remedy each month. I am currently researching the exact amounts of ingredients found in Glowelle and seeing if it’s possible for me to make my own skin smoothie every day instead (or several smoothies). That’s a lot of tomatoes though! Here’s a quick breakdown of what I’ve personally discovered with Glowelle:

Pros of Glowelle: Raspberry Jasmine flavor tastes pretty good and is easy to chug down. Provides incentive to drink 16 more fl. oz. of water per day. Noticed VERY smooth and soft skin beginning with day 5. Breakouts noticeably reduced and far less severe when they do occur. Breakouts clear faster and leave fewer and lighter scars. Increased energy. Able to concentrate better. Stick packs are easy to transport and mix easily with water. Valuable source of some vitamins and minerals. (Great work-out drink!) Most ingredients are all things that we have heard of before.
Cons of Glowelle: Pomegranate Lychee flavor tastes like mashed-up potpourri leaves mixed with water — in other words, horrible. (AVOID.) Cheapest price for a box of 30 stick packs is $89 on Amazon.com. Each stick pack contains sugar, and 50 calories. Must remember to drink one every day — on days when I forget and decide to drink the beverage close to bedtime, I have a harder time getting to sleep as it does contain tea.

I went to the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of Natural History in D.C. yesterday with my boyfriend, sister, and brother-in-law. It happened to be the same day that a very large Immigration Rights rally was being held on the National Mall and I got to witness yet another giant protest in action from a witness perspective (rather than a participant as I’ve typically been) which makes me strangely happy. I love America. Despite a long line, we got into the museum fairly quickly and very much enjoyed the new Human Origins exhibit. We also got to see some of the animal skeletons, much of the ocean hall (including the enormous Right Whale hanging from the ceiling), and all of the mammals exhibit, but there’s much more to walk through. We’ll have to return. I believe it’s the third time I’ve been there, possibly fourth, in my life, but it always seems like a new experience.

We ate lunch at the museum’s Atrium Cafe Eric and I split a gigantic burrito for 7 bucks – and had dinner at a little joint on E. Street called Ollie’s Trolley. Crabcake sandwich was alright but would’ve appreciated more seasoning; the seasoned fries, on the other hand, were bangin’ as was the whimsical, old-timey decor.

Enjoy this extremely short video of Sumo we made back in 2006. This was when Eric was first fooling around with YouTube and learning how to make video shorts. The music is the beginning of one of my favorite Donny Hathaway songs, “Jealous Guy.” And man, Sumo was FAT back then!


4 responses to “Ramble On

  1. Nice blog, glad the math course turned out better than you feared! Way to go. I want to get to the new exhibit at the MNH too, so will have to see about getting up there soon. Maybe next month.

  2. I love hearing about your new perspective on math! Good for you! All of your hard work is paying off for you. Hurray! You also make me want to go visit the museums — I haven’t been in, gasp, years.

    Keep these posts coming! I love them.

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