So Tired But I Gotta Say …

A while back I mentioned a drink called Dream Water as a possible sleep aid. I listed all of the ingredients in the post, along with Dream Water’s recommendations about its product. My sister did some more research on the contents of the drink, and found information on WebMD that one ingredient in particular (5-HTP, although it’s listed by another name on the Dream Water label) may not be safe. Keep in mind that nothing has been proven, but since no one is sure it’s recommended that you not take this particular ingredient. Please read the information listed below before trying the drink yourself or deciding to continue using it. I want to make sure my readers are taken care of!
Thanks! Now I’m going to go crash because I’m exhausted!

This article explains that 5-HTP is a chemical byproduct of L-tryptophan, the naturally occurring ingredient in turkey, and that it MAY be linked to certain scary diseases:
WebMD: 5-HTP


One response to “So Tired But I Gotta Say …

  1. thanks for the update! I appreciate your vigilance!

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