McCormick and Schmick’s (Crystal City)

Headed over to McCormick & Schmick’s in Crystal City yesterday afternoon for a business luncheon with a large group of associates. It’s one of many restaurants in this well-known seafood chain. I had never been to any of them, although I’ve displayed a large M&S fish-shaped magnet that I picked up while helping out a friend at the Dulles Bridal Expo several months ago. had ordered the coconut-encrusted mahi mahi with tropical fruit salsa and green beans. It was yummy, but not superb. I would’ve preferred way more coconut in the crust, and larger chunks of fruit in my salsa. I gobbled it down anyway. The bread that was passed around prior to the meal is what really sticks in my head – warm sourdough, with a perfect, not-too-crumbly crust. Mmmmmmm! I’d like to come here again and try out the crabcake. (They also have a mixture of iced tea and lemonade – a favorite combination of mine at Lost Dog Cafe.)


One response to “McCormick and Schmick’s (Crystal City)

  1. I think I’ve had their mahi mahi, and it’s like you said — good, but not that memorable. What I do remember is the atmosphere — the one in McLean has long velvet curtains draped between and around the booths!

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