GoSmile Teeth Whitening

Every time I go to the dentist, the hygienist asks me if I’m interested in teeth whitening. I don’t think my teeth are particularly yellow; I believe they are required to try to pimp out Invisalign and Zoom whitening to every patient. (That reminds me – I need to pick up a Crest Spinbrush next time I’m there!) I’ve turned it down every time for two reasons: 1) too expensive and 2) my teeth have always been sensitive, and they are becoming more so the older I get. When I recently tried one of those Crest Advanced Seal strips, I thought my teeth were going to explode (especially since I had such a hard time getting the damn things off of them!). For now I just brush with whitening toothpaste, but I’ve wondered if the silica it contains isn’t further aggravating the problem. (I believe it’s caused by exposed roots and a touch of bruxis.) Products like Sensodyne help for a while, but using them continuously isn’t advised.

GoSmile offers a wide range of teeth whitening products, including AM and PM Luxury toothpastes. No, they’re really called Luxury toothpastes! And at 16 bucks a tube, the name seems fitting. Both toothpastes contain silica and cranberry extract (presumably for flavor), but the AM, “Energy”, supposedly has flavors like lemon and lime to energize you. I only caught a hint, but I was admittedly in a rush and not paying much attention to the flavor. When I think about it, I did feel more energized and was able to deliver an online class (literally, reading scripted lines  for an hour to a captive audience) after less than 7 hours of sleep, which is NOT enough shuteye for me. (I usually take 8 or 9.) Hmmm!

The PM toothpaste contains valeriana officinalis root extract, which I didn’t expect to have much of an effect on me. After all, I just brushed my teeth with it, and the average person only swallows a miniscule amount of toothpaste while brushing. I did, however, get sleepier, although I didn’t conk out completely for a while. Again … hmmm!

I also have an ampoule of GoSmile whitening serum, which is meant to be used on the go. I tried Watermelon Mint flavor which didn’t taste like anything at all … which is better than tasting like a typical tooth-whitening product. And it didn’t hurt my teeth … amazing. I rubbed it all over them to be sure.

You can find GoSmile products at the GoSmile Website, or, if you live in the DC area, check your local Nordstrom or Sephora.


4 responses to “GoSmile Teeth Whitening

  1. I really suck at simple HTML tags. I can’t get it to attach the label, and I’m copying and pasting the tag directly from a blog where I did post it successfully. I’m kicking myself for not grabbing that HTML guide at the Book Thing.

  2. I think I read somewhere that one problem with OTC teeth whiteners is that they can increase teeth sensitivity, whereas the dentist’s treatment doesn’t. May have something to do with the custom made tray that the dentist makes. For what it’s worth, I’ve had sensitivity in the past and I had no problem with the whitening procedure done by my dentist.

    • Thanks Aunt Vinson! When I think of the horrible pain I experienced with that Crest Whitestrip on my teeth, I shudder all over. Maybe I’ll look into the dentist’s whitening after all … but the expense is another thing for me to consider.
      I hope you’re enjoying the new blog and that all of the features are easier to navigate.

      ~Martha V.

  3. I’ve always been leery of trying tooth whitening products (OTC or at the dentist) because of the things I’ve heard about them — increased tooth sensitivity, erosion of enamel, etc. Maybe I’ll give the GoSmile products a shot. They’re certainly cheaper than having it done at the dentist!

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