Welcome to WordPress

Hey everybody, welcome to WordPress. I’m still setting things up and getting used to it for now, but I thought I’d go ahead and make the switch. Here are some things some of you need to know about the new format.

I’ve imported my old blog, so you can still browse my old entries and comments here. If you look to the right, you’ll see a handy calendar display that you can use to surf to old entries by date. Or, just go about it the old-fashioned way and scroll top to bottom through the pages, same as you did with maplesstraveler.blogspot.com. Some of the imported entries will appear slightly “off” where pictures and text captions are concerned. I’m not going to bother with fixing these for now. (I am not taking down my old blog; you can still view it if you ever want to for some reason 🙂

You can leave comments without creating an account, or logging in to one. All you have to do is enter your name and email address when you leave your comment. Your email is private and for verification purposes only, and will NOT show up on the blog entry page. You also have the option of leaving your website or blog address if you so choose — doing so allows others to link directly to it from my blog.

When you leave comments, you will have the option to subscribe to all future comments to that post. If you choose to do this, you will be prompted to verify this decision through your email before it takes effect. In the future, I may require everyone leaving a comment for the first time to have it approved by me first. I’ll let you know if I make this change, but it shouldn’t affect those of you leaving comments now.

You can subscribe to my blog! Look in the bar to the right (above the calendar) and enter your email address. Every time I update my blog, you’ll get an email informing you of this. You won’t get spammed, but be aware I am now updating up to three times per day and you will get just as many notifications. You must verify your wish to subscribe before it can take effect – check your email after you enter your address.

You can browse through my posts by category. Your third option in the bar on the righthand side of this page is to browse by category. I’ve assigned certain labels to various posts, so if you want to read all of the posts that fit under one of these labels, just click on the appropriate word and you’ll be presented with just those posts. Many posts will fall under more than one category.

The font is small. I am experimenting with Windows Live and other ways to change this. For now, if you have trouble with it, go to your Internet Explorer toolbar, click on View, then click on Text Size and change the size from the menu that pops out on the side.

Expect the layout of this page to change often. I am still fiddling with a lot of things, and I’ll likely change headers and/or backgrounds soon. Or, I might transfer my homemade “passport” background over to WordPress in the near future. If you ever find a particular layout I have chosen difficult to navigate or read, please don’t hesitate to tell me. For the most part, all navigation options will look about the same no matter what!

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions!


5 responses to “Welcome to WordPress

  1. Other things about WordPress:

    People can subscribe to your blog with their RSS feeders by adding https://maplesstraveler.wordpress.com/feed/ to their RSS subscriptions. Web browsers with “feed autodetect” (like Firefox) will have a little orange button on the right side of the navigation bar when viewing your page. That’s the automated RSS subscription button, kind of looks like wireless signals or sound waves traveling through the air.

    Also, without messing with too much html, you could put your whole post within “big” tags and see how that looks.

    So you would put [big] before all your text and [/big] at the very end of each post (but don’t use brackets; enclose it in the standard greater than/less than symbols that are all-too common in html.) Give that a shot and see if it doesn’t make your text too big. That’s the easy way, though it doesn’t always look right and may not be what you want. Also, if you change your theme some day, the text within those tags may end up looking huuuuuuge. =]


    Have fun with WordPress.

    • Thanks Evan for helping me out with WordPress!

    • Oh yeah … also interesting, I DID have to approve your comment because you put two links in it, which WordPress automatically flags as suspicious 🙂

      • Fair enough. I am pretty suspicious. I think mine is set to force me to approve all new commenters. For instance, once you left a comment as “Martha V” and once you left a comment as “Martha.” I had to manually approve both of those the first time, but now you’re all good.

        Let’s see how big the text gets with a big tag.

        Big text. Let’s see if this is too big and looks child-like.

      • It completely ignored the big tags. Maybe it is disabled in comments, or maybe that’s just not an option with your theme.

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