One product I’ve been very interested in lately is Glowelle. I was excited to try a 3-stick sampler pack of their product recently, but disappointed when only one stick was included in the little Glowelle carrying case. And the flavor they sent, pomegranate lychee, tasted like chalk mixed with fruit flavoring, and was just as gritty. I’d really like to try their 30-day pack, but it costs almost 90 bucks. Having had problems with my skin for the past couple of years, I took a look at the ingredients after reading how well other people fared with this product. It seems I can find most of these in basic vitamins or, you know, fruits and vegetables, and of course drinking lots of water every day is always great for your skin. So what’s so different about Glowelle? Nothing that I can tell, other than making it easier (but way more expensive) for me to get some of my vitamins and minerals. My skin is doing much better ever since I all but eliminated dairy from my diet, but some part of me would still like to try the product again.


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